There is just to many gold nuggets in Russian politics. Mr Kareline is just the top of the ice berg. There is actually common with fights in russian politics and people don't discriminate against the guy that starts the fight:D It is actually more than ok with a good throwdown.. Russian people like the badasses more than the none fighting politicians. Why? maybe because the Russian culture. Russians are in general badasses. Alot of Russians also have some anti social issues(I think it is classified as a personality disturbance) A person with an anti social personality disturbance would hate or really dislike people that is weak. It was really hard to survive in Russia before. The government would take care of you if you couldn't survive. If you had friends then they might take care of you but people would not be your friend if they had to take care of you.. they would most likely have problems on their own. maybe that's why Russian people tolerate and sometimes favors politicians that fights. This thread would not really be a salute without videos so here are som selected master pices. NOTE: not all of them are Russian. YouTube - Jew professor fight against russian nazis (TV) YouTube - Translated fight of czech politicians YouTube - Fighting politicans with the Benny Hill theme 3X HIPP HIPP HURRAY FOR RUSSIA!