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    finding a new school

    i am trying to find another decent martial art to practice in my area, a long shot i guess considering i am in South Africa, JHB.
    I want a school that will push me physically, and teach me mostly practical fighting, but i do also like classical showboat martial arts :)

    Anyway, so there is the challenge if anyone is in JHB South africa, or knows of a school in JHB sa, then i would like to come and see what that school is all about.

    It's not easy as most of the places i have been... are crap.

    Seriously, what the hell is it with people creating threads in the wrong forum? Two in a row today. For the second time, here it goes... off to newbietown.
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      LMFAO! Why was this in the diet and nutrition? But good luck in south Africa. Move to SoCal and I can help you out.


        can't be of much help, but i'd suggest editing your thread title to mention that you're in south africa. it'll up your chances.



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