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    Need help deciding?

    As some of you guys may know, I've been taking up Judo for a while.

    Problem is, the grueling painful stuff is gone and now I'm stuck with BJJ.

    Not that I don't like BJJ, it's just that I prefer Judo.

    Let me explain, well, about a few weeks ago, my curriculum focused solely on Judo, but now, due to the lack of Judo instructors, I have to join up with the BJJ group.

    I didn't go there to learn BJJ.

    I guess I have two choices, look somewhere else to learn Judo, which is hard as hell, or, look for another art.

    I'm not into Aikido, yes, I've tried it, and I think having to hold your opponent's wrist before you break their arm is really ghey.

    TKD? Hell no, TKD is bullshit on the ground.

    Karate? Still thinking bout it.

    I'm already taking up boxing, but I need another style to take.

    Your advice guys?

    Not sure if MABS is the best place for this thread.

    What options are available to you in your community? If you can't get Judo did you want something like wrestling or grappling to complement boxing?

    Did you sign a contract? It seems that if you are paying for a particular service and it is no longer available there should be other options than "stuck" with BJJ.


      Should have posted in newbietown or YMAS.


        Holy Crap.

        I accidentally put it in the wrong forum.

        You guys are right, It should have gone to YMAS.

        Thanks for the reminder JCMECH and MrJ.

        I hope someone can move the thread to YMAS.


          There must be more judo clubs around mate, its one of the most common ma's I see advertised.


            I think a competent BJJ Instructor ought to be able to teach several effective take downs, both throws and shots. Just my opinion though.


              Originally posted by tubemode12
              Let me explain, well, about a few weeks ago, my curriculum focused solely on Judo, but now, due to the lack of Judo instructors, I have to join up with the BJJ group.
              Where did the Judo instructors go? Do they teach somewhere else now? Can you go with them?

              If not, just stick with BJJ. It will make your newaza better so when you do find another Judo school you'll be ahead of the ground game. Also, ask any of the BJJ guys if they mind you drilling some of the throws you know so you can keep those sharp.


                As many others said, a good BJJ instructor should be able to help you with takedowns. You can probably take advantage of open mat time to keep your throws sharp as well. Did a lot of the other people from the judo class get put into the bjj class there? If your old classmates are still around you can work together during open mat to drill throws.


                  Originally posted by tubemode12
                  Your advice guys?
                  Think what you want from your MA training and what are your resources. It's quite hard to give advices when I have no clue if you're interested in striking, rolling, SD, weapons or something else. I don't have any idea if they can offer anything decent in your neighborhood or if you can travel little further to gain proper training. From your ability to make individual decisions I assume you are barely allowed to cross the street.


                    Depends on which horizon you want to expand upon.

                    If you wanna tear people up i recommend Krav Maga, Ke?po, Muay Thai

                    If you wanna kick back, roll around, and bend a biatch I'd say stick with Bjj, i know you prefer judo, you might also try to find a good Japo JJ instructor because i know they share a ton of the same basics with specializations (thanks to Kano).

                    In the end it come down to you seeing whats in your area and price range, and just checking it out.

                    Seriously though if you want grueling and toughening stuff find a good Kajukenbo or krav maga, their defensive drills are awesome.


                      I come from the Philippines, in one of the provinces, so It's almost impossible to find a decent MA school here.

                      If I had the resources like you guys, I'd be taking up Sambo, Eskrima, Silat, Krav Maga, Judo and Kyokushin Karate.

                      We do have Eskrima here, since this is practically where the art was born, but strange enough, It's saddening to know that most experts are in other countries, talk about backstabbing your own race.


                        you shouldnt be sucha dick about judo or bjj and just be glad its around.
                        you could have been stuck with wing chun.



                          That's just it Lebell, THERE IS NO JUDO.

                          BJJ, well, It's not really my thing.

                          Besides, the red light district is far away from here, how am I supposed to take pictures of scantily clad filipino women for you?


                            your missing my point.

                            my point is: BJJ or Judo are both good sports with loads of alive training and sparring.
                            so you can do two things: keep making threads about your judo and bjj shaninigans or....stfu and train either one for a year and then decide.
                            its not like you're wasting that year whatever you choose to train.

                            bjj or judo but there's no me decide?
                            whats there to decide.

                            stop whining and start training.


                              The BJJ here is very very very bad.

                              The Judo is decent, and so is the Karate.



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