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*Looks around: geez where did all these losers come from?

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    Oh I'm sorry, people from Detroit smell like Canadians.


      Martiol Art

      If any person got dull then by seeing these images, then they immediately got laughing.
      anyway i like this website.
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        Originally posted by Omega
        Oh I'm sorry, people from Detroit smell like Canadians.

        ORLY NOW?

        Bet you won't come to the Detroit throwdown and say that to my face!

        (Note: I'm the guy who's about 6'1, roughly 250-300 pounds or so. Name is Brandon, IRL. I'm not the 145 pound teenager...)


          Old picture of bullshido staff!


            Bullshido... Where members are assholes and assholes are members... Isn't that an oxymoron? Maybe it's more like a lot of members have members up their assholes... Fuck, that actually rhymes...


              Why am I not surprised at moose shitting up a thread about "Losers" with various and sundry idiotic posts.

              Regarding Item #6:
              6. I remember when some of you dumbasses were still fucking white belts now you're jumping up and down about getting your purple belt. My comment? About fucking time
              I surmise we shall be seeing your purple tag soon, sir?


                Originally posted by Omega
                Oh I'm sorry, people from Detroit smell like Canadians.

                People from California smell like granola and sunblock,

                fuckin' hippies.
                If you can't laugh at yourself,
                Others will be happy to do it for you. :evil6:

                The 2 most abundant elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.


                  well with me around bullshido certainly became a more international place.


                    Originally posted by Omega
                    Well that's most of the early stuff I remember anybody else want to chime in?
                    I remember trying to figure out if Djimbe had a learning disability or just a broken keyboard


                    I remember the first time Anthony stumped up the cash for the Ashida Kim challenge

                    I remember back when people still cared about Phil Elmore

                    I remember the first time Phrost turned rep off

                    I remember the Wastrel

                    I remember Djimbe and Tigerfly vs Matt Thornton

                    I remember when Zoints was totally the next Myspace

                    I remember when people sort of took SifuAbel seriously

                    I remember becoming the first person to get powerbombed at a throwdown

                    I remember Omega stealing my beer!
                    Undisputed KING OF ASSHOLES.


                      Originally posted by Omega
                      I remember when only cool people were on this website. Then the Canadians joined up. (Yeah I'm talking to you)




                        "Yessir, six years ago... those were the days. You kids, with your ePods and portable telephones, you wouldn't understand what it was like. Soft, the lot of ya! Those were the glory years, I tell ya what. I remember going to that first Throwdown... "McThrowdowns," we called 'em then. We also tied onions to our belts and wore socks on the mat, it was the style at the time. What was I talking about? Oh yes, the McThrowdown! Why, I remember this SAMBO feller, he come in and says "Wanna roll?" I had just started SAMBO myself at the time and was cocky as a rooster in a henhouse, so naturally I say, I says "ayyup!" So we go on the mat and commence to grappling, and I tell you what, I'm doing pretty good for the first couple of minutes. Really puttin' mah Shuai Jiao and Judo to effect. Sure enough though, this fellow gets me in a heel hook somethin' fierce. Like you wouldn't believe! Of course I'm a young 'un and think I'm invincible, so I refuse to tap. I tried to roll into it, but it ain't doin' no good. Sure enough, that knee o' mine gives, and wouldn't you know it, that gosh-durn thing pops like my ol' gal Abigail May's cherry on prom night! I tell you what, I was hollerin' like an alleycat. Of course mah knee got even worse over the years; now I barely gots any cartilage in the durn thing. Ever-time it aches, I think of that SAMBO feller tweakin' it to Hades and mah eyes waterin' up. Of course that SAMBO man and me is still friends, but I tell you what... those were the days. When we gave no quarter and expected none... when it weren't a good sparrin' session unless there was blood on your lip and a limb or two floppin' around. You youngsters these days got it easy, with your Nintendo Wee-Wees and flat TVs. Got no idea what it takes to be a real fighter!

                        Hey, where'd you kids run off to? Kids? Kids...?"


                          I've been here almost half as long as Omega, I strolled in when the likes of Hannibal and Doctor X still roamed free, and a maniacal kung fu master constantly reminded us how savage he was and how he'd kill all who disagreed with him (I think the first big thread I read was when said Kung fu master challenged a bemused Lord Asia over some trivial matter), those were funnier times......


                            - Veridian becoming one of Bullshido's biggest bitches.
                            - Tai-Gip and his no-touch sparring.
                            - The Hannibal and Veridian extra-gay marriage.
                            - Kungfools.
                            - The General BS forum before we had to migrate to Sociocide.


                              i remember seeing kidspatula for the first time an havin an e-crush on her (an wanting to spar her, well i still want to spar an get folded up by her on the mat with her jitsu skillz)

                              i remember JFS bragging about challenge kung fu matches on the rooftops of china town

                              then him gettin his ass beat for the world to see in front of a wierd chinese masonic lodge in teh streetz

                              i remember seeing the other Osiris evolve from a TKD defender to Moo Thai Bjj-er

                              i remember MMAkid always annoying everyone else

                              i remember when Virus was still a ninjer

                              i remember watching Plasma turn from ninjer into hunter of ninjers

                              i remember those wierd moments of fried braincells from inviting people like Grand Celestial Do to come here to debate thier style granted to them by Anal-Probing Extra-terrestrials

                              i remember "Shoninkwondo"

                              i remember Aikidogirl an her band of Ashida worshippers plotting on EZ_board of Bullshido members' demise

                              I remember Omega making some Bruce Lee worshipper post of video on youtube of him crying cause he got his dreams crushed in a debate about Bruce being teh ultimate
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                                Originally posted by Shinobi_Osiris

                                I remember Omega making some Bruce Lee worshipper post of video on youtube of him crying cause he got his dreams crushed in a debate about Bruce being teh ultimate
                                LMAO, yeah that was one of the coolest things ever on here.
                                'whats that bruce? you want me to do what?'

                                Lets also not forget Omar's bellydancing video, that one still makes me laugh when i look at it.

                                I remember Black belt mom.
                                I wonder how she's doing.

                                And that weird special forces guy who challenged everyone and Fatherdog would be in Thailand and they would meet up and have a go but he backed out.
                                I think that specialforces guy's wife got insulted, cant remember.



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