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    Dirty Lenny Mclean

    Has anyone got any footage of Lennys fights?
    Does anyone know the name of the film made about him and where to find it please?
    This dude is one badass.

    There was a website on line several years ago with some interviews with McLean and several other tough british fighters. It was kind of like an underground bareknuckle/fight history site catering to the UK scene. Run a google searce for british/UK pitfighting and see what you can come up with.


      Thanks for the reply, should have known - google it.
      Found afew clips of his fights on youtube, jesus he one scary dude.
      Would have liked to have seen one of the gracie,s fight him lol, that would be interesting.


        Get yer filthy mitts on his autobiography (The Guv'nor) ASAP. its a great, funny look at the world of fighting and violence.
        "You know what I like about you, William? You like guns AND meditation."


          McLean features in passing in a BBC documentary in the early to mid 1980s called "Bermondsey Dave". This was a doc about an emerging 'character' who stepped into the less than legal world by his actions in Debt Collecting and recovery of houses/flats taken over by squatters. McLean is shown commenting on the need to maintain your "Reputation" and by implication, this is a reference to Doorman work and the physical requirements i.e. being able to KTFO any 'contender'. The "Dave" developed into a gangster called Dave Courtney and has written a number of books regarding his criminal past, which includes escaping a murder charge (he was found Not Guilty but later admitted to it in the Court - Double Jeopardy).

          McLean also featured in another TV Doc about an Irish Streetfighter and alleged Karate expert. It was later revealed to be a set-up but was aired anyway. The Irish feller is talking to McLean and asking for tips when the latter misunderstands a question by construeing it as a challenge and flares up. He was very intimidating but then calms down when the bloke pacifiies him.

          McLean also features in the British film "Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels". He plays Barry the Baptist and is a gangster's bodyguard. No change there, then.

          He is also name checked in Paddy Monaghan's autobio, in which he is alleged to have accepted a "Contract" to murder a known gangster. Who knows? Monaghan was for years the self appointed secretary of the Muhammad Ali fan club.

          In real life, McLean was notable for being "The Guvnor", the principal Streetfighter of London, which he eventually won from Roy Shaw (who had beaten him the first time). The contest had few rules and was basically anything goes - Shaw once chinned the King of Gypsies and then stamped on his Head while unconscious on the floor(!).

          McLean was also prosecuted for Murder following his beating up a customer who was in some mental disarray in The Hippodrome nightclub near Leicester Square. He was found Not Guilty as the chap had been beaten and then thrown out of the club and subsequently died in a road accident. I can't quite remember it 100 per cent at the moment but McLean bore a moral responsibility for the young man's death. McLean was a bully really.

          He wrote a book "The Guvnor" - I've never read it as I think he was a bully - and some claims are now known to be bogus. Additionally, he never gave Roy Shaw a rematch (he would likely have lost as Shaw was a dangerous man and criminal and pro boxer).

          There is video now somewhere on youtube and certainly if you get the chance to see Roy Shaw in action, you will realise how brutal he was and the rules - as such - were minimal.




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