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My style sucks - sort of.

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    My style sucks - sort of.

    My training has been mostly in Wing Chun, although I've done a little work in boxing and jiu-jistsu. I'd be the first to say that I'm not a highly skilled Wing Chun practitioner. but I do have some experience iapplying it in actual fights (two fights, to be exact). It worked both times - but only to the extent that it got me close enough to throw 'em down and pummel/choke 'em. From my experience, Wing Chun seems to break down when you're really mixing it up. And please, no offers from my Wing Chun brothers to come and slap some sense into me. I'm getting too old to fight. (Which is why I wish Wing Chun worked as advertised - that way I wouldn't end up rolling around on the ground with someone young and agile enough to kick my ass.

    Bottom line, for me at least, is that Wing Chun can be useful in some phases of a fight - as long as your not facing a really good fighter. I think that even a much more skilled Wing Chunner than me would have serious trouble (and we've all seen the videos) against someone who knows what he's doing - say a bjj specialist or good boxer/kickboxer.

    Some modern systems, likeWing Chun Do and all the JKD variants have addressed this issue, and seem to have developed effective "fixes"; but the modifications have turned it into something that's really not Wing Chun.

    I would love to see a high level WC guy prove me wrong by winning some fights that are truly "no holds barred", against quality opponents. But I don't think many of us want to participate in anything allowing biu gee, or throat and groin strikes.

    Never worry never fear Omega shall save this newbie and fly him to newbie town.


      I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this. MABS= serious MA fraud discussion. This should be in either the CMA forum (click on style forums) or newbietown or Guantanamo bay (go to main forums).

      I'd leave it now and let the mods change it perhaps.

      But, welcome to the site rsd. I suggest you go into newbie town and read the stickied threads, as well as check out the BJJ (homeland security) forum, Strikesan forum and the Chinese MA forums for some good info and discussion in WC.

      Check out this WC thread:

      Edit: damn, beat me.

      Bloody mods. ;)
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        My first post, and I've screwed up already! Oh, well, I'll do better next time :-)

        I guess what I was getting at in the original post was that Wing Chun - along with a lot of of other systems - is "fraudulent" in that its practioners are living in a state of denial with regard to what they will be confronted with in a real world fight: trained boxers, grapplers, experienced street fighters etc.

        I do see what you're talking about though. The system does have practical value, so it wouldn't be fair to label it "Bullshido" Enough said.

        Thanks for the guidance on post placement.


          Oh, i'm not a WC practitioner and nor do i know enough to label it anything nor stand for it. I know that many people on this site believe it to be just that, BS. However, MABS is a forum to discuss fraudulent MA schools, MA teachers and structured organisations. Ie: they claim things they dont deliver.

          Discussing the worth or unworth of systems belongs in style forums and YMAS.

          Dont feel off for posting it there, but may i suggest you read the stickies in the forums, ecspecially in newbie town so that you know what goes where. ;)

          Welcome again, hope to see you out in the wild soon.
          Chaos? Panic?... Disorder??.........................​My work here is done.



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