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    Originally posted by socratic
    If Kung Fu was really that dangerous why did they lose the Boxer Rebellion so humiliatingly?
    Dan Daly


      Originally posted by ProbablyPete
      He's not doing BJJ, he thinks it's BJJ. The guy clearly states he is a traditional Jiu-Jitsu teacher, and is full of shit if you ask me. Watch the video's that BT has up about grappling and you'll see the guy has no credibility. He even has a red belt student, in BJJ red belt is extremely rare! Just watch how bad the guys student is, it makes Jiu-Jitsu look bad!
      I understand BT has been on the Bullshido radar way before Iron Ring. ItIsFake said that Bullshido will investigate to see if his BJJ training is legit so this is an ongoing investigation into BT.
      If he has the sense to forget about the BaGuaZhang Groundfighting nonsense and come out of the closet with his BJJ or whatever legit grappling style then no one can accuse him of Bullshido.
      This site investigates martial artists for being frauds, not for being jerks to other people, so that's a separate issue we can't really bring up here.


        Originally posted by bigcharlie

        If this is the new BT, then I'm happy to see it.
        Let's hope it sticks lol.

        I don't however, see him as an unfair victim as he has said did plenty of shit in the past. The e-mails I have received from people, Kung Fu guys as well, who dislike this guy for the way he has treated them are very numerous.
        No, he did more than his share of running his mouth. Also if you look at his past videos he would always laugh when mentioning MMA like it's no big challenge for his deadly BaGua skills. I hope he's finally seen that he needs to adjust his attitude towards others and that he's not the untouchable great poobah of ghetto BaGua.


          Exactly. He doesn't get a pass for all of the dumb shit he posted and did. Thing is if he legitimately changes he'll admit he was an idiot.

          That'll be the true test of his character.



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