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    Apparently Kid Miracleman has psychic powers...shortly after I told the purple to set a time and place he posted this:

    look dude i tried to be nice but you had to keep up with your smart a#$ comments like you know whats goin on. so i tell you what if you really want to do this its not gunna be in a school or with any paticular rules its gunna be when i see you. so i hope yournot being seriuos but if thats the route you wanna go thats fine by me. all this started because you couldnt keep your mouth shut about what i do on my on time and everytime i say something you have another smart comment so you might wanna think long and hard about this because its gunna be where ever i see you not a set date or time so if this is a joke say so otherwise i will assume your serious
    Apparently he has cross trained under Sifu Rudy Abel in the art of fighting without fighting, this is hilarious! I always thought the best thing about BJJ and MMA was that guys would step if up called out...apparently this is not a universal rule.
    Last edited by Vince Tortelli; 6/09/2008 11:10pm, .


      I know I shouldn't be postwhoring on my own thread, but this is too good to pass up:

      Originally posted by colher
      aight dude iam gunna consider this matter closed because i really dont have anything to gain by fighting a nobody,
      This totally ruins my master plan of "First, purple belt with no MMA experience in gym. Then, Kimbo in main event of Elite XC!"

      and i dont want people to think that me or my team or hotheaded punks running around trying to fight everybody thats not what my team is about, so i will consider this matter dropped
      Fight, no. Jump from behind without warning, yes.

      but dont even look my way when you see me and dont even try talking to me you have shown your true characrter and i will not bring myself or my teammates down by stooping to your level so take that as you want iam done arguing with you like a school girl, i will say nothing else on this forum to you so i suggest that you choose your next words carefully
      Ah-hah! Now I understand! He doesn't want me to look at him so I won't see him sneaking up behind me. Clever, sir. Clever.

      So he's done posting on that forum, eh? Now where have I heard this before...he may be a purple in BJJ, but I've been trolling with aliveness way before he knew what that calculator on top of a typewriter thing was for. E-meltdown in 3...2...


        The douche factor is really on your side VT



          Originally posted by Vince Tortelli
          colher has stated that I have tried to knowingly spread a potentially life threatening disease to every MMA/BJJ gym in the state.
          Requests "Patient Zero" tag for Tortelli please.


            Originally posted by Johnny Utah
            Requests "Patient Zero" tag for Tortelli please.

            PROOF that I'm not a completely useless poster:

            Originally posted by Cy Q. Faunce
            3moose1 is correct. Sig THAT, you fucker.

            Originally posted by sochin101
            I went out with a delightful young woman who was on a regimen of pills that made her taste of burned onions.
            That is not conducive to passionate cunnilingus, my friend, let me assure you.
            Originally posted by HappyOldGuy
            I agree with moosey


              request creonte tag for vt please.


                Originally posted by Johnny Utah
                Requests "Outbreak Monkey" tag for Tortelli please.


                  Originally posted by Johnny Utah
                  Requests "Patient Zero" tag for Tortelli please.
                  seconded. he is a menace I tell ya...a menace.


                    Let the staph infected testosterone flow!

                    "I'm in a nursing program dude, don't tell me about staph". Ooohhh, a nursing student! Obviously an infectious disease expert.

                    Not sure which side to fall on on this one VT. Guess I'll do what I do with two football teams I don't care for. Root for the defense and wait for a proper pounding, regardless of who inflicts it.


                      Wow, Vince just seems to bring out the worst in people. The dude's not even trying, yet he's managed to raise the ire of two high-ranked GJJ practitioners. Meanwhile VT is going "Derrr, how did I get myself into this pickle? I don't understand why these guys hate me, I didn't do nuthin'! Nyuk nyuk, wocka-wocka!"

                      It's like an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" brought to life!

                      YouTube - Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme Tune


                        Errors with Vince Tortelli:

                        1) He spelled his own username wrong on Bullshido
                        2) He chose the Sam Elliott character from Roadhouse for his username on Underground
                        3) He typed "outbreak monkey" when he obviously meant "E-Bola Monkey" yet staph and hemorrhagic fever are markedly different
                        4) He is a fomite and not a vector, as he isn't blessed with original thought
                        5) His "catch" ass inspires rage from the purple monster, yet he doesn't care
                        6) Mississippi. 'nuff said
                        7) He mocks the ATT program yet would give his left nut to be part of it. If he wasn't a eunich and all.

                        please keep list growing


                          You made the right call, Vince.

                          Both in deciding to leave and in telling him off to his face.



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