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Aikido/Bullshido in Dresden Files

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    Originally posted by Errant108
    Grab my wrist & find out. Vag-hat.
    So that's how you want to add ass-rapery to this thread? Go tell that to someone who wants to rape your ass and it'll probably happen. Good luck with that!


      De-silicate your genitalia.


        I didn't put sand on my genitals, and if that's how you think people prepare to assrape you, you have some very strange ideas. You could get help, or you could start a website catering to this market. Best of luck either way!


          Quick, someone e-mail R. A. Salvatore and tell him that fighting with a sword in each hand is really impractical and probably get you killed. And while you're at it, inform Ed Greenwood that beautiful rich women aren't attracted to old guys with enormous beards.

          Originally posted by chardin
          A five-foot, 100-pound badass who whips on much larger and stronger opponents without any magic is a jarring break from noir realism. That's especlally true for anyone who knows how unlikely it is. Really, shouldn't it be apparent to any sensible person? How often does it happen?
          Team Duff would like to thank you for your endorsment of our mission statement: Bigger beat smaller.

          However, there's this guy named Royce who might disagree with you...

          [yt]YouTube - Royce Gracie Tribute[yt]
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            Originally posted by Squerlli
            You guys should real good Sci-fi like Simon R. Green and Tad Williams.

            Both of those guys are fucking spectacular authors.
            Simon R. Green is fucking terrible.

            He re-uses so much shit from book to book and even chapter to chapter, it's like he writes 1000 words about the nightside every day and then pulls 24 of the daily files into a random book. He's got a gift for coming up with some cool creatures and plot ideas, but mechanically he's a very bad writer.

            Murphy is a cop. She arrests people. There are women cops who arrest people. Not all of them are huge butch lesbians. The times I remember her cuffing Harry, she did so by walking up to him under pretense and cuffing him. Not only that, not every criminal is a street-lethal perfect heavyweight schooled in the 52 hand blocks by his elders in crime.

            The Dresdan Files also change tone rather drastically - I suggest you withhold any comment unless you've read them all.

            It's also narrated by harry, who's a foot taller than everyone around him and a tiny bit of, if not a chauvanist, then a romantic.

            On Laurell Hamilton: Why oh why, young lady, did you listen to all the sad fat goth girls that couldn't get enough Ann Rice and turn a very promising series into porn?


              Originally posted by Squerlli
              You guys should real good Sci-fi like Simon R. Green and Tad Williams.

              Both of those guys are fucking spectacular authors.

              If you want to read good sci-fi, look up William Gibson and Neal Stephenson. Throw in some Phillip K Dick and you're set.

              I would nominate George R R Martin, but he's more in the fantasy camp than sci-fi.


                Neal Stephenson varies wildly

                who wants to read some free books? Cory Dochtorow gives his books away online.

                Here read this you pricks



                  Originally posted by HappyOldGuy
                  Blame Laurell Hamilton.

                  For everything really. Anita Blake is responsible for plague, famine, middle eastern strife, and the sub prime mortgage crisis.
                  How is giving bj's to vampires the cause the apocalypse? Take some goddamn responsibility.


                    You guys need to read real books like Tom Sawyer. Pay close attention to when Huck finn Kimuras Aunt Polly.


                      Damn you Tortelli, now i have to do push-ups!!!!


                        If you are actually looking for good hard boiled magical realism, and not someones WOD homebrew masquerading as literature, read Tim Powers.


                          Chardin- Seriously dude, don't provoke Errant on the subject of non-con Bhut sechs...

                          He'll fuck you up!!


                          He knows t3h [email protected] sechs!!!!

                          So unless you want to become a sobbing shell of a human being, with a burnt out asshole and cum-shot exit wounds, I advise you to back away carefully!!!
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                            Hand Banana! NO!!!!!

                            YouTube - Hand Banana


                              The best sci fi was written by Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K. Dick, and Kurt Vonnegut. Yes, I put Vonnegut in that category; if you disagree, you need to read more of his short stories.

                              I find this thread topic kind of funny, because even when I was a young lad reading Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" books many years past, I thought all "t3h d34dly" wristlocking performed by some of the characters was BS.


                                Originally posted by Vince Tortelli
                                However, there's this guy named Royce who might disagree with you...
                                Royce Gracie is five feet tall and 100 pounds? Damn, the camera does add some pounds. And, apparently, some inches.

                                I guess I should have added "effortlessly" to my original sentence. Karrin Murphy beats huge, tough guys with ridiculous ease. Royce Gracie worked for his victories.



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