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ATTN: LI/NY martial artists

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    ATTN: LI/NY martial artists

    Note: this is in no way affiliated with my martial arts school, or any martial arts school. The new ring/mats were placed in my weight lifting gym and are not being used. There may or may not be instruction as we are setting this up as open sparring/training.

    Anyone looking to get some new training for MMA, kickboxing, traditional, or modern martial arts, send me a message!

    My gym has just installed a brand new large ring and a large area of quality seamless grappling mats. We are setting up some open training sessions and would like to draw some new martial artists in to get in some quality training.

    Training is open to anyone regardless of rank (even if you have ever studied but would like to).

    The goal is to get martial artists and fighters to come together and train, wether you need new and fresh sparring partners to get ready for an upcoming fight, or you simply would like to see what it is like to spar a boxer/Judoka etc.

    We will also be running conditioning workouts, you can train without sparring (bag work, drills, etc), and I may be offering personal training through the gym if you want to get all swole and awesome like myself.

    PM me for my number or ask for it here.

    Talk to you soon and good training.

    James Funaro

    Where? How hard to get there from Mannahatta?
    “Most people do not do, but take refuge in theory and talk, thinking that they will become good in this way” -- Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, II.4


      nice bro, as soon as I'm healed up
      FACT- Eddie Bravo invented the triangle choke when he used it to tap out helio gracie at an ac/dc concert.


        The gym is located in Patchogue on Main Street right off of Sunrise Hwy.
        Thre is also a train station right around the corner, the Patchogue LIRR branch.



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