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BLSM: Bruce Lee Sucks Month - The YMAS Thread

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    BLSM: Bruce Lee Sucks Month - The YMAS Thread

    In this thread you will post links to the absolute stupidest forum posts, articles, or videos about Bruce Lee that you can find floating around on the interbutts.

    Opening Salvo:

    YouTube - Exploration - Bullshido

    And this derivative gem, from our own Omega:

    YouTube - Jamie's a Pussy

    But we really need posts from lesser, LARPer-filled sites such as MAP, MartialTalk, etc.


    Let's see now... hmmm... Bruce Lee - The man who can send a judo expert heavier than himself flying backwards, hit a wall and fall down, with a one-inch punch. The man who can not only stop a heavy punching bag in mid air, but send it flying back in the direction it came from with a left-handed punch. The man who can deliver 3, not one, not two but THREE kicks so fast, you can only view them on slow- mo. The man whose entire daily routine, from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes back to sleep is dedicated to one form of training or other. The man whose entire body is honed for fighting (speed and power) NO wasted bulk. Against Jacky Chan, a stunt man who knows martial arts... hmm, let me see now... hmmm... Think I'll chose Jacky Chan here. NOT!!!
    Bruce Lee will SO kick his BUTT!!!
    Bruce vs Jet

    i think jet could honostly kick bruces ass. before u go absolutly insane on me like "ur an idiot! u suck" ill explain myself. if u say jet is nothing more than an actor than get out of this website and go screw urself. 1st of..bruce was the best OF HIS TIME. as time goes on peoples knowledge jet probly knows everything bruce knows and more. and jet is a hard trainer and hes good. hes young fit and he is faster than anything iv ever seen. if u think jet is nothin more than an actor- buy the movie kiss of the dragon on dvd and go 2 the special features. bridget fonda will tell u in her own words jet is rele fast and not talkin about special time the directer was suppose 2 say cut just before the fight scene and he didnt and jet kept going and he moved so fast they never saw it coming and that big "lupo" guy (i dont kno his real name- just his name in the movie) got knocked down. i looked at bruce lees book "the tao of jeet kune do" and i saw the warm ups bruce does and they were good for there time but they are more advanced now. they looked like warm ups they would do like 20 years ago. im not posting this for an argument and i didnt do this 2 piss anyone off. please post comments

    bruce lee
    ok muhammad ali was a good boxer but bruce lee wud kill him not to mention he was the greatist martial artist alive but any boxer wud get killed by a martial artist a kick is 50 times stronger than a punch and ali doesnt kno how ta kick-bruce lee wud also be a lot faster (not saying ali wasnt fast) even knoing bruce wud win i guess id still like 2 see it-also if u like bruce lee u have to see the movie Drangon-the bruce lee story- its not rele brce lee playing its jason scott lee and he does an awsome job of playing him.

    Reaction by: siu_loong, 2004.07.09, 06:26
    Hell NO!
    First of all Bruce Lee is a legend in the martial arts, he was a moving gun ready to shoot if anyone or anything were to try him. Muhammad Ali firstly would'nt even stand a chance he is nothing compared to Bruce Lee, like come on

    Reaction by: tyrant, 2004.07.09, 07:46

    martial art vs boxing
    u cant even compare it. martial arts would win. boxing only uses hands (obviously) and boxers dont even use the bottom half of their body. did anyone see best of the best 2? when that oriental guy has 2 fight a bunch of ppl before he get 2 the big guy. the first guy he fight is a boxer and he won so fast the boxer did even have a chance

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      Originally posted by Phrost
      And this derivative gem, from our own Omega:
      Best Bullshido video ever! Why do I get the feeling the "Bruce Lee Sucks Month" video is going to have clips from the video above, AND a Chris Crocker moment in it:

      "Leave Bruce Lee alone! If you want to get to Bruce Lee you have to go through me... and I'm tough to get through because I'm tangible!"


        Who makes a fucking webcam video asking why people on the internet don't like him? FAIL.


          From my thread in the video forum: Bruce shows us how to escape an armbar (from the Chinese Connection)

          YouTube - Bruce Lee - How Do Escape Armbar


            So is this more of a Bruce Lee nutridders suck, than Bruce Lee the man sucks? Because I have to confess that I like his movies.


              Bruce Skywalker - laser nunchucks

              YouTube - Bruce Skywalker


                Originally posted by Phrost
                Isn't this the guy from TUF Season 2 or 3 who left the house because of his girlfriend? Not Scarola, there was a guy in a season before Scarola that also did it....any one remember? this guy looks just like him.


                  Originally posted by joecos
                  From my thread in the video forum: Bruce shows us how to escape an armbar (from the Chinese Connection)

                  That's RBSD! :wav:


                    I posted these in the other thread:

                    Various Nutriders:
                    YouTube - 14 yr Old Korean Bruce Lee, Muscle Dysmorphia

                    YouTube - Bruce Lee's Phan Chibuu

                    YouTube - Super Fist

                    "When I read the book by Bruce Lee V11, I got such inspired that I started screeming like him, soon after I realized that I would have my own image, that is my proper breathing."

                    roflz. Actually not the first time this guy's been posted on Bullshido...
                    YouTube - 1979 INSPIRED BY BRUCE LEE...SCREAM LIKE HIM

                    A "Bruce Lee Lookalike Contest"...
                    YouTube - Bruce Lee Look-a-like Contest

                    A "Bruce Lee Scream Alike Contest"...
                    YouTube - Bruce Lee Look-Alike Contest

                    Random Chinese dude going supersaiyan on a box
                    YouTube - world's fastest strike ,6 blows/second beating the ice box w


                      Isn't this the guy from TUF Season 2 or 3 who left the house because of his girlfriend? Not Scarola, there was a guy in a season before Scarola that also did it....any one remember? this guy looks just like him.
                      You mean Noah Inhofer (Picture here with the girl he left TUF for):


                        Actually, you're probably thinking of Rory Singer, who got eliminated but did not leave because of his girlfriend.


                          I'm pretty sure I can punch at least twice as fast as the dude in the last video


                            Why did Bruce Lee throw such incredibly goofy-looking, telegraphed strikes in all his movies if he was the prophet of economy of motion? Seriously whether martial arts have improved or not, fight choreography has progressed light-years in the last three decades.


                              So that dude let TUF for a toad? Or is that ET?

                              Anyways, you guys are all fags because you fail to realize the Lee normalized the art of fighting while making chicken noises. Also, he pioneered the afro, no small feat for an asian. Finally, he invented ripped.

                              Conclusion: Fuck you guys.



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