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    Help deciding.

    So here is my situation. I started out taking Judo and in the summer mixed in BJJ since I had a good job and was able to afford both. When I got my new schedule, it seriously conflicted with the Judo schedule so I just stepped up BJJ classes. Within a month my BJJ contract will expire so I am trying to decide where to go next. The situation is compounded by the fact that I am graduating from University and will very likely begin a career in law enforcement. I'm still weighing my options but am signed up for the NYPD June exam and am currently orienting myself to ente the Academy in January.

    That being said I want whatever I take to help get me into shape and provide training that will help in the field. I was planning on taking boxing at a PAL gym (free) and working odd jobs but I have a potentially good paying office job which I am being considered for so my financial options have increased.

    I have three options. Coninute with Judo/BJJ. While this would be fun and the club I would be with gives me breaks in terms of payment/commitment/use of gym I noticed that, being anarobic exercise, grappling alone doesn't get me into shape. I';ve been grappling 2 years and even when going 6 times a week I noticed more prevalent muscles but still underneath a thin layer of fat. I roll for a long time in grappling but I can't run long distances and that bothers me.

    My next choice was boxing. Now I've seen friends who are boxers get their stamina wayyy up and slim down which is a plus. I also want to get used to really taking a punch because as of now whenever I mess aorund with my boxer friends I get pretty bad tunnel vision as they throw their jabs and just shoot in. I'd like to get over this fear of getting hit so boxing seems a good option. The downside is I have only 6 months and even though I know I'll be sparring for about 5 of them if I can commit myself I get the feeling I won't learn enough.

    Finally I can go to either NY Sanda or Ronin Athletics for MMA. There are a couple of other places but their hours suck. I figure the MT side of it will give me some striking ability and I will be able to keep grappling. Since it'll be broken up I am even more worried I won't learn enough MT but I feel the classes where I can do both stand up, ground, and transitions will be best. I've wrestled people who had striking as well as grappling and have found myself in positions that though sound for BJJ, are succeptable to strikes.

    All advice you can give me is very welcome. Most important is what would be most helpful in law enforcement. I realize grappling is ideal but I feel I need to be able to take a punch better. Also I'd like to be in peak condition for the Academy so I'll be working out on the side. One plus for boxing I'd like to add is the gym has a weight room.

    Thanks in advance.

    NY Sanda or Ronin Athletics.

    Figure out which you want more and which better fits you financially as well. I would defiantly say one of those two are your best options.



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