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The BJJ sticker on my car won a fight yesterday

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    Here's the opposite: In middle school, I had cool patches all over my backpack. Mostly punk rock bands- Nofx, The Sex Pistols, the ramones, rancid, the buzzcocks, etc., except for one, which read: Black belt club. At this point I wasn't a black belt, but I'd be training in shotokan karate for 5 years or so , and boxing on the side. Anyways, it was like the third day of school, and this kid Tommy decided to pick a fight with me specifically because of my 'black belt club' patch.This was a regrettable decision. To his credit, I was new to the school, so he had no reason to know what he was getting into.
    When I walked out of the class, he came at me, surrounded by all the kids from the class and started running his mouth some more. I interrupted him, told him to quit being such a nancy boy and get on with it. He swung and missed, and I grabbed him and slammed his head into the wall next to me. Repeatedly. Then, when he slumped to the ground, I pulled his pants down around his ankles, leaving him there cowering in his tighty whities. It was frickin awesome.

    Unrelated: the other day I went to target and parked outside was a minivan that had one of those stuffed animals with suction cup hands hanging in the window. It was Patrick Star, from spongebob, wearing a gi with a brazilian flag on it. Bad-ass, right? It would be hilarious if someone got pissed off and started chasing him, and then decided to back off because of the mean-looking patrick.

    It used to be that if some guy was following my like that, I would stop my car, get out, and tear ass after him. But now they passed a law in florida that EVERYONE can carry guns in their cars, to and from work, and I have a family to protect. So my balls, good sirs, have gone right out the window. Good move driving around and not getting into a confrontaiton.
    "This is why we are here. Because the Martial Arts for too long have been cloaked in an unnecessary level of secrecy bordering on mysticism, and its in these shadows that the cockroaches love to hide. -Phrost"

    Originally posted by Squerlli
    And of course, our resident hard man, underground fighter, kitten rescuer, loving father (I'm serious), and over all very sexy furry motherfucker... Budo monkeh.


      Originally posted by cyrijl
      He had a hoodie on and one of those chain wallet things...he looked like he was trying to be wasn't so much the hat as the ensemble.
      Was everything Team Punishment, or just the hat? And who the hell still wears chain wallets?


        It;s just not worth it anymore to get into a confrontation

        Just the hat, but it was backwards and he had the hunched over, ima tough guy strut...

        I believe if you're gonna wear shit like that, you should always be smiling. Pretty much none of my clothing has labels or advertisements on that is part of the thing too.
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        There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.


          Originally posted by Squerlli
          You just subbed somebody from your CAR while a good 10 feet AWAY from them. WITH OUT ACTUALLY TOUCHING THEM!

          Someone deserves a promotion for this.
          This has got to be some kind of record. Excellent story!


            I was threatened once by a guy who said that he knew Judo. I asked him if that was a type of Israeli bread. That irritated him. Before things escalated, my pool shooting buddy told him that I taught Judo. For the next hour, instead of playing pool, I had to listen to him talk martial arts. It would have been better to have choked him out than listen to him but at least I got to drink some beer. Moral of the story, pretend to be frightened and maybe they will show mercy and leave you alone. To avoid long boring conversations, never tell anyone you train at anything (unless you are in a dojo somewhere).


              Originally posted by Vieux Normand
              He said the teachers would probably thank me for letting them know because a few guys can do the jekyll-and-hyde thing: behave really well in the club and then be totally different outside of it. If these guys were training anywhere, he said, and were willing to try their 'moves' on somebody my size, then they might be even more likely to try and intimidate a smaller person, and someone could get hurt. Their teachers, if informed before things got this far, could either correct the situation (the man smiled when he said this) or just kick the jerks out of the club entirely, before their behaviour ended up affecting the gym in some way.

              My coach would just laugh and ask if we had his business cards handy to pass out to anyone that witnessed a fight. Then again our guys win fights.

              God I live in a stupid city.


                Imagine your Impreza at a demolition derby? Tested on the street, and in the ring.


                  Originally posted by tom.f
                  I was threatened once by a guy who said that he knew Judo. I asked him if that was a type of Israeli bread. That irritated him.
                  Must remember that one!!!
                  "So, yeah, Zen teachers may well insult you, work you to the bone, hit you with sticks, shout verbal abuse at you, and punch the shit out of you.
                  And when the shit's been punched out of you, you might just find that you're far better-off without it." - Vieux Normand

                  "So in short, BJJ wins again. BJJ, and chainmail." - TheMightyMcClaw

                  "On bullshido, your opinions are not sacred, neither are your feelings." - Scrapper

                  "You entered the lions' den. Don't bitch if you get eaten." - danniboi07

                  "Needless to say, it's much easier to clear a bunch of drunk kids out of your house when you're yelling GTFO and carrying a samurai sword." - DerAuslander

                  "Eventually, I realized it doesn't matter what art you train, what matters is the method in which you train. Training in an alive manner, under skilled and qualified instruction, is the single most important aspect of gaining martial skill. All else is window dressing." - JNP : Saying it how it is!


                    What is your sticker's favorite takedown?


                      Originally posted by devil
                      What is your sticker's favorite takedown?
                      I don't know but rumor has it there is an AMC Pacer driving around the mean streets of Boulder with a "My Honor Student Can Sub Your Three-Stripe White Belt" sticker.


                        dude, I don't think they pulled away because of your sticker, I think they pulled away becasue they saw a lunatic with a knife in your back seat glaring menacingly at them.



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