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    Chitwood Brothers

    Has anyone here trained at this place and know the quality of instruction:

    They have a pretty high opinion of their combat jui jisu compared to the Army MAP program. From the forum on the website:"In all my travels of working with Military Combatives experts or DT gurus in LEO circles, I have been underhwlmed by their abilities.... We truly are light years in this area because this IS what we do."

    They're deliberately obtuse about their accomplishments in BJJ. 4th degree brown belt in BJJ is not exactly an honest way of stating 4 stripe brown belt. Their "Combat Jiu-Jitsu" video just looks like BJJ, Judo, Aikido, other stuff, and basic striking integrated in a compliant partner environment.

    If they have a competition team, they likely aren't a terrible place to train for BJJ, but they come off as complete weirdos on their website. You should probably meet them in person. Definitely don't drink their kool aid, and if they are as weird as they seem on their website, I personally wouldn't train there if I had another option.

    RBSD freaks creep me out just as much as TMA geeks.
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