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Are "U" ready for the next Bullshido throwdown? (bring Kingdom Hearts AMVs)

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    Aside from that, the true purpose of TD's is to remove the anonymity from debate over what works and what doesn't. In that sense, the so-cal throwdown was an attempt at the correct from Jack Rusher. The true purpose of that TD was (or should have been) for Jack to put to the test DTT's ridiculous theories.
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      This thread decidedly lack Utada Hikaru.


        Holy shit! I LOVE Kingdom Haerts!


          While "Simple & Clean" sucked as the English version of "Hikari", I thought "Sanctuary" was a great version of "Passion".


            Did you guy sknow Utada Hikaro sung for the Kingdom Haearts soundtrack? Not kidding at all.


              Deep down I want to argue with Hedge, using vids, images, charts and logical argument's.

              But having reread his OP a second time I am still confused as to what if any his point is.

              Throwdowns should be:

              - An Open BJJ class
              - A challenge format for Ninja's
              - A BJJ / Grapplers master class
              - None of the above


                I hear her next English album comes out next year. Hopefully it will do better ratings wise than "Exodus" did. Not that I don't think Exodus was a great album, cuz it was. I don't think it's what her US Anime nerd fanbase was expecting. Not to mention her getting next to no publicity push from Island. What was the point of pairing her with Timbaland if you're not gonna blow shit up? "You Make Me Wanna Be a Man" was easily single worthy...


                  I think the problem is she doesn't have enough representation with an American label. I know Island is owned by UMG, but they just aren't giving her the push she needs.

                  I mean, are her records even available on iTunes?


                    I have no idea. I showed my support by buying out the local Borders & then giving the extra copies out as gifts.
                    Exodus was good, but I really don't think it was as artistic as "Deep River". That's understandable though cuz she was trying out a different sound, as well as an all English album.


                      She also needs to adopt a more American look if she wants to succeed here.

                      Listeners have to be able to relate.


                        Such as?




                            Originally posted by MaverickZ
                            She also needs to adopt a more American look if she wants to succeed here.

                            Listeners have to be able to relate.
                            Why do all the Japanese pop stars get eye enlargement surgery? It kind of creeps me out. At least the rest of her is pretty but...


                              Originally posted by Hedgehogey
                              This has been bothering me for a while.

                              With the horrific genocides of the Toronto and NorCal throwdowns fresh in our minds, I think it's time to broach an uncomfortable subject, that being the failure of the throwdown as a concept.

                              Certainly this isn't the first time this has happened. Anyone remember the MD TD where Kikkoman was completely stumped by a chunner forearm choking him in his guard? How about Blad3windu?

                              And it's not like i'm the first person try to make this point to you. There've been wonderful ye olde joke threads started on this very topic. People were discussing this ever since the days of crimsontiger.

                              But still the march of fags. In an unending race to the bottom, we get alive wing chun, soul calibur weapons sparring, people who have never sparred, kung fu vs ninjutsu submission grappling, every conceivable thing wrong with bullshido presented to us in visual form. It's the blind leading the blind into a seltzery clown fight.
                              And then there's the afterhours angry, sandpaper masturbation: the endless bitching over little fist.gif icons, the sudden revelations that everyone was either using only 10% of their TRUE SAIYAN POWER or was just a begginer/just doing this for fun/had never sparred before/their cat just died/had just downed some X. The tearful removal of videos because of legitimate technical criticism. The thinking we are all tuff stuff now for having tried out this aliveness thing.

                              And then there's a question of motivation: While a TD causes gut wrenching nervousness in, say, most karateka and a feeling that this is the litmus test of their years of standing in horse stance, for BJJers and others who do actual combat sports, every single training session is a throwdown. Scratch that, every single training session is a much more intense version of a throwdown. If we feel a real need to test ourselves, we compete.
                              I've been to several TDs, and even though i'm chronically late for class, most were less exhausting than an average session of BJJ.

                              This bears repeating: Most throwdowns are less intense than a BJJ lesson with the warmup and half the drilling skipped. I can't imagine the crushing disdain that Spatch&Anna must feel for you people.

                              Have there been positive experiences? Certainly. Osiris cracking open someone's guard with headbutts. Luan picking apart that silat guy. Asia shoulder ramming crimson tiger around the room. The last couple texas throwdowns have been good due to a preponderance of competent grapplers, tasty barbeque and cheap liquor. But these remain in the minority.

                              So with all that said, let's talk dettente. The obvious solution is for people to start training at real gyms. But is there any way we can punish blatant offenders? Perhaps with water/cricket/sand/lardboarding?

                              I think i'm missing your core thesis here.


                                Originally posted by selfcritical
                                I think i'm missing your core thesis here.
                                Hedge's points: *Digest Version*

                                1) Everyone at throwdowns suck at grappling and it's embarrassing. Everyone who shows to a TD should be BJJ blue belt level or higher, or should just stay home

                                2) People of other MA backgrounds who don't spar definitely shouldn't come. They embarrass us with their presence, and having them around is like allowing gays into Pat Robertsons church.

                                3) If said sucky Martial Arts practitioners do decide to show, they should all have to wear a Pink T-shirt with bold purple and white outlined lettering that states, "I DO TEH TMA LOLZ I SUCK" so not to confuse any youtube viewer into thinking that person was a legitimate member of Bullshido. Also that tag should be adorned to their user-handle while posting on the site.

                                4) Hedge is fucking awesome



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