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Relieved that the local ninja is moving away!

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    most people i know laugh and go on about chops and shout hai-aaa!!, their knowledge of martial arts is limited to karate kid and the pink panther. UFC is still not that big in the uk (or at least where i live). Either that or they just nod politely. As a rule i only show my general martial arts geekiness around other martial artists or people that make the mistake of sounding interested. The only guys i know that know the difference between JJJ and BJJ and the jujutsu that is part of bujinkan (i'm sorry, i done jujutsu before i done bujinkan and 90% of bujinkan is jujutsu with thumbstrikes).

    Also to a non martial artist (i tested on my girlfirend), they all look the same "funny wrestling in silly pyjamas" as one of my work colleagues put it (and yes i was heartbroken to hear that)

    Again no offense intended to anyone.


      Now wait, Mrgosh...are you or aren't you a ninja?

      [i'm just being silly]


        I havn't moved!

        Oh wait.. I'm just trying to get rid of a wall of text too.


          Just another newbie tryin to get rid of that infernal banner informing me about how I should start posting so here I go...


            I had a boss once who thought he was a ninja he even tried to show me once after ,that I started lokking for a new job and for a good attorney


              Also posting to remove banner.

              To bad the you lost your ninja neighbor.
              Now who will silently protect the neighborhood while you sleep?


                He'll return. sequels are easy money.


                  Originally posted by Money
                  The correct plural form of Ninja is Retard. Ex: "I got attacked by a retard of ninjas."
                  Their is no plural for ninja, by the time you see one you're already dead.:ninja7:


                    ninjas - there to make you smile!



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