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T.N.T Destruction Squad Scam or the real deal?

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    " I know that I fought hard and landed some real hard shots - He just didn't feel them."

    Although I do think you had some bigger problems in this fight than his steroid use, he does look alot bigger than you and if he did do roids, that is not a real victory.
    YouTube - Operation Octagon 3--Vernocy vs. Chmielnicki
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      That's a mighty big axe you're carrying there. Why don't you spend some time grinding it in silence.

      I can't say much about his fighting skills, but I can say that he has at least gotten in the ring. It's ok not to agree with his methods/training/fees/etc, but you have to at least give credit for stepping into the ring and fighting. At the moment, you're just armchair quarterbacking, which doesn't lend much credibility to the fuss you're making about his abilities.
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        If this was just some average joe who stepped in the ring and was trying make a career for himself, I would say "good try keep up the hard work." The fact that he is charging a ridiculous amount of money for supplying mixed martial arts training out of his living room makes me have no sympathy.
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          I am so happy to see that MMA Fan is still such a strong supporter. On the subjects you touched on -

          Yes it does help to do good in the cage to warrant teaching someone. However if you have never been in there you wouldn't know how different it really is. I blow through all the sparring partners and even my trainer (who has crudentials out the butt) like it's nothing. That does not change the fact that when I get in the cage I sort of freeze up. No excuses I need more time in the cage.

          But I keep going back, and that is something good to be taught to anyone, in anything - DON'T GIVE UP!

          I can prepare the fighters I train in everything else, but mindset, that is on the fighter themselves.

          I am still learning about the cage, but I definately know how to fight in MMA. Eventually that will come out in the cage.

          7th I sincerely thank you for your support and I bow to you for your obvious wisdom on this matter.

          I will be fighting again on Sept 27th at Gladiator in Winchester, Va. I won't quit no matter what. I will only improve on my mindset most of all, but of course my skill as well.

          Thank You



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