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    The following quote has been rated WTF??? The three ? WTF rating, has been issued by the second directorate of posting decorum, and signed in triplicate, one being delivered to the author, one to the Feebies, and one to be burned, stapled to a dummy, as you are burned in effigy, for being such a crazed loon.
    "I don't even..."

    Furthermore, the MAMASITA league, or the Mothers Against Martial Arts and Suggestive Incriminating Tallfolk Abominations rates this lolwhut?
    "Did you just...?....
    Originally posted by Squerlli View Post
    So I was driving down a really shitty neighborhood, somewhere in the Red Hook projects. I got lost after coming back from a friends house. Anyway, I was trying to find a way back home when I started seeing hookers on the corner of every block I passed. Then, I started seeing midget hookers. Yeah, not one, but about a dozen all together. MIDGET HOOKERS! It was surreal. So I pulled over to the first one and asked
    "Hey! How much for 'a little' head?"
    Apparently midget hoes come fully equipped with purse rocks and I had to drive off lest I want to get my back wind shield smashed in.
    I spot another one and pull over.
    "Hey! Are you half off?"
    Another rock. Fucking rocks.
    I spot one next to her pimp who's yelling at her and suddenly a stroke of genius washes over me. I quickly pull over and roll my window down.
    "Lay the pimp hand down on that hoe! Show her what happens when she comes up 'a little short' !"
    The pimp actually starts laughing and I'm long gone before the hooker reaches for another rock. So I'm almost out of red hook and I see one final midget hooker and I think to my self "Well shit, if theres so many of them maybe midget sex is the best, I mean, the pimp must be making money somehow!?".
    You guys see my logic, right?
    Well whatever, fuck you.
    I find one last drawf hoe and tell her to get in the car. Now I've never been with a hooker OR a midget so this was a double first. She starts telling me her prices, I'm all nervous and what not and just start asking her stupid questions. I keep going and going and going until suddenly she opens the door and says "You kinda creep me out, I'm going".
    And just fucking left!
    I tell my friends about it and one of them tells me at the end "Dude! You were rejected by a 3 foot tall prostitute!".
    Yeah and that just fucked up the rest of my week.



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