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Fear of injury affecting training

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    Fear of injury affecting training

    Coming back of my last injury (cracked Sternum) I have just stuck to BJJ (from the knees) and baisic Muay Thai - Pad work, bag work and conditioning - no contact.

    I am comfortable at this because in BJJ if I feel that if I might over do it and get hurt (grappling spastic 230 wrestler noob) I just tap out and save myself the pain and aggravation.

    However I feel I am being to cautious - in fact I am being a big puss.

    Tonight I went to my Gojujitsu class, we worked some throws -sieo nage, my partner again was huge and was this bouncer guy who weighs 300 pounds.

    I was so afraid of screwing up my drop sieo nage and having him land on me and hurt my back that my throws sucked hard, I was so worried about him throwing me that my uekemi also stank.

    And when it came to sparring I avoided him and sparred a guy I out weigh by 50 pounds and then sparred very light to a degree that makes point sparring look tough.

    I am thoroughly irritated at myself.

    The thing is I don't think I can go through an other injury, constant pain, unable to do stuff around the house not able to sleep.

    I am looking for either scorn or sympathy to make me get over this mental hurdle.

    Anyone got any good stories?
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    Also I know it should be affecting not effecting in the title.

    (damn grammar Nazis!! )


      Just recovered from a sprained ankle (Type II), both the lateral ligaments were ripped due to a nd I also had a stinger as well from the same Judo tournie.

      When I got back to Judo I was always favoring my ankle and I would give little resistance when in Randori and I would get tossed around all crazy. I couldn't even kick in Muay Thai because the impact from the kicks upset my bad ankle, and I couldn't put any weight to pivot on my left ankle for kicks.

      For me it took about three months to spar in Judo and Muay Thai without even me thinking about the injuries. (Happened last October).

      Occassional swelling occurs in the ankle, but overall it feels 90% better, but in time the mental block will go away as the injury heals as best it can.


        i don't even train right now because i'm not sure if my knees can handle it. had a few close calls already just doing simple shit like sprinting. scary shit.


          I just had my nose cut last night by a guy who is even more of a noob than me and showered the dojo floor with blood. I'm still on anti-inflammatories for a leg kick to the knee from two weeks ago and in a completely un-MA related incident I destroyed my left nut by impaling it on a stockade fence while chasing a fleeing felon. Other than that I'm good to go.


            By the time I got through my last major injury, I was so anxious to get back to training that I didn't really think about getting hurt again.

            Maybe you should do some hard sparring to get back in the groove. Or maybe you should sigh and say "I'm too old for this" more often.


              Being anxious and jumping back in gets me injured I am taking it slow and trying to build up my strength and conditioning.

              It's just that I find going from one level to the next as far as contact and aggressiveness is daunting I am enjoying not being in major pain.


                So what's so wrong with letting your injury heal 100%. You are fooolish to do anything otherwise. Having 300 pound people throw you and land on you with a hurt back is pretty stupid. Cut out the macho shit and me you will NOT regret healing! Did you post your age? Too lazy to re-read your OP but if youre young you have plenty of time to heal and get back in...if youre older you shouldnt risk re-injure. Do all the cardio you can to stay in shape, stretching, practice techniques. and bag work. All you should do for now.

                Youre not impressing anyone by sparring.


                  Originally posted by Vorpal
                  I just had my nose cut last night by a guy who is even more of a noob than me and showered the dojo floor with blood. I'm still on anti-inflammatories for a leg kick to the knee from two weeks ago and in a completely un-MA related incident I destroyed my left nut by impaling it on a stockade fence while chasing a fleeing felon. Other than that I'm good to go.
                  Ouch!! Made my eyes water from here. Now sitting with legs crossed and hunched over


                    The best reason to train light while recovering for an injury is to heal completely. As you feel more comfortable and your confidence returns, you will get over those nagging doubts. You're not being a pussy, it's just your mind telling you to take it easy for a while. I felt the same way while recovering from a broken elbow. Tap early and often but most important, continue to train (even light training is better than no training). Eventually everything will return to normal.


                      It if makes you feel any better effecting is just as good as affecting for the title (if not better).

                      Having broken two hands and herniated a cervical disk or two this last year, I have been very concerned with injuries. Add to that popping someone's elbow the wrong way and injuring osmeone's ankle...i begin to wonder if I just should take up something easier. You just need to do what you feel comfortable with. Select who you train with. The instructor should be ok with that. As long as you are not really dodging competition and still getting promoted or ranked you should be able to go at your own pace until you feel comfortable again.
                      There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.


                        Broke both knees at on point or another. I followed the Doc's advice and did as instructed. Don't really think about it much anymore. I know it'll happen again and there will be pain, but lifes to short IMO. Unless an MD tells me I can not do an acitivity on the risk of death, I'll get back to it after I recover if it really contributes positively to my life.


                          I had my knee ripped out of its socket doing yoko otoshi. It moved 4 inches diagonally up and over. I'm a bull headed pig: cycled 50 miles two days later and kept going to practise 6 days a week. Eight months later my knee clicks and I'll puke from posting on it for too long. God I wish I let it healed right.

                          Moral of the story: Get an exo-skeleton.


                            I would be lying if I said I didn't let my previous injuries affect my training to day. Having blown both ACLs, my knees just aren't the same as they were prior; despite rehab et al. Mainly my course of holding back is in sparring - I make sure my partner goes with (preferably) light contact on leg kicks. While I certainly can take a moderate kick, I've just had too many instances where their aim was off, or dead on with a tad too much power, and caused my knees to buckle and torque, putting me on the sidelines for a bit - if not the rest of the class.


                              Go ahead and hang up the spurs if you don't think you can hack it anymore... Otherwise you're going to be like Cole Trickle after his huge car wreck in Days of Thunder.

                              whatever, go train.
                              In summation your argument denotes a lack of intellectual honesty on your part. It is my contention that this matter would best be solved with fisticuffs. I believe I will be victorious in this regard.



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