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Sensei Al & Co. trolled us into getting a free SAMBO seminar. Those bastards!

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    Date is changed to this Sunday. I called FightHouse we are welcome. Lets do this Mikey.




        I am asking on Perry's board what time, also check your PM Ming.


          Can you clarify for me how many fights? I think from reading the other thresd you said 3. Mikey wants only grappling? Which will be MMA which will be grappling? Etc.
          I am free, just let me know the time and if you want me there still. I will talk to my doc friend.


            I can give you all that info in maybe an hour or two.

            We appreciate this Steve, thank you.


              My pleasure guys (I hope it will be my pleasure...LOL)


                Originally posted by LI GUY 1
                Date is changed to this Sunday. I called FightHouse we are welcome. Lets do this Mikey.

                It's officially on now :)


                  There should be 2 matches that I know of.
                  1)Me vs Mecho in NJ Amatuer MMA rules minus shinguards and allowing head kicks. 2 3 minute rounds in a ring.
                  2)Mikey vs Damon under BJJ rules.

                  THE DAVIS wanted to fight me but Sensei Al said he wanted Mecho to fight me. I told TH DAVIS I might figt him after Mecho if I felt up to it but he declined as of now as Sensei Al wants me to fight Mecho. THE DAVS also said it would not be right of him to fight me after I fought a full match, which makes sense.

                  KempoFist expressed he may roll BJJ. I can't speak for him though.


                    NJ amateur rules minus the shins, and allowing head kicks. OK. Only 2 three minute rounds, not 3? Are you using the full amateur rules aside from those two changes? Standing 8 counts after a knockdown? In NJ, they don't allow you to follow a fighter to the ground after a knockdown.

                    Regarding the BJJ rules, if you are doing classic positional points, etc, I can't ref that. No experience doing it and don't know those rules well enough to do it for you. If you want to go no points, submission or draw match only, I will ref that. I don't care either way, but as far as refereeing grappling, I can't do the BJJ stuff. Sambo yes, sub or draw yes, BJJ no. I think sub or draw shows the better guy anyway. Up to you. Not my choice, just a suggestion.


                      Sorry, no standing count. We can follow to the ground. 2 rounds, not three, that is what they requested.

                      I agree on the BJJ, it should be sub or draw. If they want to do it in rounds or justhave one go at it I don't care but it should not be judged.

                      Nothing should be judged as we cannot have nuetral judges, we do not have qualified judges, and no one will respect the decision anyway


                        Okay, here is the text of a video release which you can transfer onto microsoft work and print out.

                        VIDEO AND PICTURE LICENSE

                        I, ______________________(legal name of fighter #1) and I, ________________________(legal name of fighter #2) hereby agree that the pictures and photo images of this sparring match are subject to the fair use doctrine and provide this irrevokable license for these images to be used by the public for noncommercial purposes, such as being posted on You Tube to document the results of this match.

                        Both fighters agree that should some individual or corporation wish to sell this footage or otherwise make money from its use, they will need to negotiate such approval from both fighters at a future time. Both fighters shall be considered to own the commercial rights to this footage.

                        _______________________(Fighter #1)

                        _______________________(Fighter #2)



                          tha'hell...I'm all excited just from reading this thread!! Good luck guys!


                            I'm always pro having a fight and taping it, but will this get us his lineage?


                              I guess we won't know he didn't get his Belt from "the gracies in Brazil", but watching somone we know to be a liar get the every living snot kicked, or subbed, out of him will be the next best thing.
                              I imagine the exsperianced grapplers out there will know what a BJJ BB should look like on the mat.
                              Aside from that, we all know, deep down this guys is 100% pure Bullshido....


                                I'll send Steve his release by 9 pm tonight.



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