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    Your martial art goals?

    Just wondering what everyone wants to accomplish in martial arts short term and long term.

    I have really come down in my aspirations, right now my main goals are:

    - Become injury free
    - Remain injury free
    - train at least 6 months with out an injury

    Get my blue belt.
    Have at least one amateur MMA fight.
    Nail Kyra Gracie.


      Currently, I have but one goal in all my training. Get Shodan in judo. Everything I do in bjj, judo, exercise, or anything else martial arts related is for that goal. After that goal, I will probably switch to either, fight amateur mma or get purple belt in bjj.
      "a martial art that has no rules is nothing but violence" - Kenji Tomiki


        sort my goddamn schedule out

        let my bjjdoodz know im still alive

        Perfect my techniques

        Learn more

        Have fun

        Meet hot chicks.


          Exercise and try to get all the techs I know to be nearly perfect.Then beat Akuma.


            1. The whole injury thing
            2. Get my blue belt in BJJ
            3. If still under 60 when I get my blue(almost 54 now), shoot for purple
            4. Know enough to teach my grandsons ( 3 and 1) when they get older.
            5. Keep having fun.
            Walrus Mike



              1. Start BJJ again
              2. Gain Blue belt in said art
              3. Continue to pound the living shit out of criminals
              4. Actually get a prediction correct in a UFC


                In order of importance
                - Fight Am MMA - Nov 10th woo hoo
                - Fight Am Boxing
                - Fight Am San Shou and Low kick kickboxing
                - Finally win a Judo competition
                - Grappling tournaments.


                  Be decent enough that no one who isn't just being a jerk will say "Wow I thought you'd be better than that..."


                    To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

                    Kidding aside, I'll start with the three items initialized mentioned by Soju (with a minor caveat in yellow):

                    - Become injury free
                    - Remain injury free
                    - train at least 6 months with out a major injury.

                    I say that because I'm already screwy at some joints, so some debilitating shit is going to happen.

                    My main goals for the next 12-18 months are the following (my right wrist is almost functional now):

                    1. Go back to BJJ ASAP and train consistently in gi and no-gi and get a blue belt (cross fingers).
                    2. Compete at NAGA and other local events in SoFla (maybe Neko can help me train for some local Judo events).
                    3. Train in MMA, kickboxing or boxing (depending on what's available at my school).
                    4. Make time to do powerlifting at least once a week (this is non-negotiable :icon_spid ).
                    5. Fight in MMA before the end of 2008.
                    6. Stay over 160lbs, at the least not drop below 155lbs.

                    That's my baseline, oh so help me ${DEITY}

                    ps... there is a Sanda, a Hung Gar and an Atemi-Ryu JJ schools nearby, which I'd like to visit, but that's conditional to me having time to pursue my goals (meaning, it'll be bloody unlikely.)
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                      My original goals were get BJJ blue, compete and do amateur MMA but all I want now is to not to cry from pain every time I sneeze.

                      Just training properly for a consistant period of time would be a nice change.


                        Originally posted by Vince Tortelli
                        Nail Kyra Gracie.
                        this is my new martial arts goal

                        edit: serious goals:
                        * Win my weight class beginner division in a local tourney
                        * Get my blue belt
                        * Gain 25 pounds in the next year
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                          Originally posted by Teh El Macho
                          To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.
                          Damnit, i came here to post this!

                          1. Bulk up, and stay in shape. I'm a twig right now
                          2. Get a yellow belt in TKD, then consider whether or not to continue
                          3. Start a grappling MA sometime in the next year. (BJJ?)
                          4. Have fun.
                          5. compete in a amateur boxing/kickboxing/whatever tournament
                          6. There is no number 6


                            Good question. My goals are simple:

                            1.) Train and get my fat ass into shape. I've never been the same since surgery a couple of years ago.

                            2.) Learn how to incorporate a lot of the techniques I train into sparring, and make them effective.

                            Things NOT on my list:

                            1.) Promotions or rank.
                            2.) Tournament fighting.
                            3.) Becoming the uber-deadly. I'm too old for uber deadliness anyways.
                            Originally posted by pauli
                            i was once told that "do" means wrecking people's shit for your own philosophical betterment.

                            Originally posted by melvin_peebles
                            I could be mistaking dumbness for delusion. I'll have to go dig out my DSM IV. It's great to have stumbled upon this site. The rich fauna and flora of mental dysfunction that exists in the martial arts is amazing. It's like the Galapagos.


                              This is gonna turn into a "Early New Years resolution" thread real fast. Wait, it already did.

                              Argh, fuck it:
                              Fight in a shooto event before end 2008. There, I said it out loud.
                              Fight in a low-armour Kali event (I don't know of any DBMA gatherings here, so far call2arms looks most likely).
                              Stay injury-free while working up to these events.



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