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    Like Deadmeat suggested, la canne from Savate is probably the closest match to what is sounds like you think he needs.
    To be honest, there're many arts which use 3-4 feet of wood as a weapon, even this, but whether you can find anyone to teach la canne or Bartitsu, that's different matter.

    The salient question is... does he think he needs anything other than his other training to defend himself?
    Where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.



      Originally posted by Deadmeat
      If you find a reputable Savate school, that might be good. There is an ofshoot of Savate called "le Canne" which focuses ont he use of a walking stick specifically as a weapon. Being closely related to Savate itself, I assume it should be fairly transferable to someone with a Karate background. has some info.

      Good luck, i hope that's of some use to you.
      Good idea. I shall make enquitries and see if any local establishment covers this.

      JJson, good advice, but pepper spray is totally illegal over here except for police use


        Sadly enough, your old teacher might have to quit MA altogether depending upon his healing from the surgery. If he takes care of himself, he should be able to move, but you can forget kicking.


          Escrima is fine but note that there is a big length and weight difference between a typical rattan bastone (escrima stick) and a walking cane strong and long enough to support a tall, heavy guy.

          I would suggest the type of training demonstrated here, i.e., full-contact, resistant drills and sparring using a padded cane and body armor:

          Note specifically the use of the "bayonet" style thrusting attacks and the double-handed grip on the cane, allowing aggressive "bar" slams that double as defensive blocks.

          On the assumption that his hip problem would mean that he'd be likely to lose balance in a real fight anyway, combine this type of training and strategy with ground fighting and using the cane as a defensive/grappling aid on the ground.

          If you're in NZ, I could put you on to one local (Wellington) instructor who specializes in this type of training.
          Check out the Western Martial Arts Forum for all things Western, martial and arty.

          Bartitsu: the Gentlemanly Art of Self Defence (est. 1899)



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