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    Gypsy Jazz wins the thread.


      Originally posted by cyrijl
      I think some of the people here need an intro to philosophy course and a good mid-level logic course. In the meantime, I keep searching for Vishnu's Avatar in hopes he can save me from these evil rakshasas.

      What is it with the spiders?

      And finally.
      1 - Yes, rich people hang out with other rich people trying to get richer. Is that news?
      2 - Capitalism thrives (fortunately) on the blood of the unskilled. Replacing unskilled labor with technology increases profits, create better technology as well we as creates cheaper products.
      3 - The simplest explanation is often the correct one. Ockham's anyone?
      4 - I love M-theory. Strings taste yummy in my tummy.
      5 - If you give your enemy's enemy a gun, he will eventually shoot you with it.
      6 - Life really is that simple. Everything happens in cycles and can be trended.
      [sarcasm] Ockam's razor is silly reductionist trickery and is a conspiracy in itself [/sarcasm] I do think at times it can be vastly over simplified and misrepresented, but crimany people, look it up. It's not terribly complicated. In fact I'd bet it's something you know already, but haven't yet figured out how to apply as broadly as it should be.

      Concisely: All other things being equal, the simplest answer (and no simpler) is usually the best.

      Is it more likely when you fart that act notifies the invisible stink gremlins to cast their flatulent magic, or it is an explusion of gas from a rather stinky orifice? I actually don't know the anatomy of farts, though I my curiosity is a bit tickled by the prospect of stink gremlins.

      Without deep investigation because I am VERY lazy and I already think everyone is a schmuck to begin with, let's see how this works here:

      Is it more likely that Islamic fundamentalist nutjobs who have launched prior attacks felt they were doing the right thing by launching suicide attacks (which are common for the practice for the faction/ideology) on high profile targets to advance their agenda...


      The U.S. Government decided to destroy several of its own high profile targets to advance conspiratorial political agendas?

      I leave the second option sparse because I don't want to impose my uneducated bias too strongly.


        If the US really wants to get rid of Bin Laden, then all they have to do is arrest Bush and several high ranking CIA officials, announce to the world they've uncovered the conspiracy in which Bin Laden was a CIA agent and the CIA planned 9/11, put on a big show trial, pretend to have them executed. The Islamic fundamentalists will then deal with Bin Laden for you.

        Since 9/11, Bin Laden and conspiracy have been mentioned so many times in this thread I expect the CIA are monitoring it and all of us now (hi guys). Therefore we don't even have to tell anyone about this brilliant plan! I expect Bush will be arrested soon after the next election. If he doesn't get arrested then that means the conspiracy is real and they don't want to get Bin Laden at all!




            WTC 7?????

            What happened to WTC 7???? Why are you all so eager to accept bullshit physics. a "pancake collapse" doesn't take 9 sec for a hundred story building. None of you have given me any responses. Popular Mechanics "debunking" is bullshito. Sure some of Loose change may be assumption, but so is the Official story. I want to adress WTC7. can anyone comment. and no,it wasn't the propane furnace that brought a 47 story bulilding down in 9 sec. come on.

            all the comments is see are crap. asking the question did islomic terrorists do it or our govt. its gotta be ockams razor... wake up and think. seriously. Im happy you took philosophy 101, but you addressed nothing i am talking about.

            my only question. What the fuck happened to WTC 7??? why does the "oficial" story say their needs to be more inquiry? Its hard to believe people still accept the official story. its totally full of made up science, and bullshit. No steel structure have ever fell until the 3 buildings that day, and none will ever again, with out the help of controlled demolitions. WTC 7 is the smoking gun.


              Here's a novel idea.

              If you want to know what happened get a degree in structural engineering and do some additional grad work in forensic reconstruction. It will certainly give you better answers then spouting off on a discussion board about martials arts.


                Originally posted by Asriel
                According to my Brother (who is a paranoid stoner funnily enough) the one world government will wipe out 2/3 of the world's population.

                He also claims that there will be a mandatory draft next year and the illuminati are controlling all governments. That Bin Laden is a CIA Agent who blew up the Twin Towers to enable anti-terror laws to be put through...... Oh and the British Royal Family are Lizards.
                Your brother must be a follower of David Icke, a crazy British writer/public speaker who is sort of an Art Bell+Sylvia Browne goofball, if memory serves:



                  Icke's been the main pusher of the Reptilian hypothesis but it isn't his originally. It had been kicking around the UFOlogy and "Satanic Ritual Abuse" communities without gaining much traction for some time before he discovered it.

                  Icke's main talent, much like David St. Hubbins, is the firm belief that his is smarted then everyone else because he believes virtually everything he reads and a quick enough mental framework to integrate any new piece of information into his attempt at creating a "Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory."


                    Originally posted by Artful Diablo
                    What happened to WTC 7???? Why are you all so eager to accept bullshit physics. a "pancake collapse" doesn't take 9 sec for a hundred story building. None of you have given me any responses. Popular Mechanics "debunking" is bullshito. Sure some of Loose change may be assumption, but so is the Official story. I want to adress WTC7. can anyone comment. and no,it wasn't the propane furnace that brought a 47 story bulilding down in 9 sec. come on.
                    Use Google, there's plenty of stuff available out there that debunks all the pseudo-engineering bullshit in Loose Change. Do your own homework and educate yourself. Or keep on being a believer, whatever suits you.


                      Artful, why don't you go here and read some of the threads. You'll find better answers than you'll get here and it'll be funny watching them rip you a new one if you post the same drivel that you're producing here.

                      One thing I do believe is that you have an open mind. From what I've read your mind is so open your brain has fallen out.
                      Failing to become awesome since 1976


                        David Icke's main talent is being more bonkers than anyone else. He went on a chat show on national television to explain his theories and had the entire studio audience laughing in his face. It was painful to watch.


                          we'll never know the full truth about these kind of things, im sure there's more info about that attack, but i don't believe outrageous claims like the jews/communists/aliens/cia blew up the towers.

                          There's something fundamentally wrong with that logic, it's like when you have a messy house and you want to get rid of the mess, you set fire to it and burn it down.
                          So you get rid of the mess, but...

                          dont be a nutter plz.


                            There's nothing terribly wrong with the logic, provided you know how people typically use logic. They use it not to get to the truth but to find ways to stitch novel experiences into existing belief systems.

                            Throughout the 1990s the "Bad Guy" was the Government, particularly a notion of there being a clandestine group behind the government pulling the real strings while the Bill Clinton Show distracted the "Sheeple" from seeing what they were really doing. It showed itself in JFK Assassination theory proliferation, in genre entertainment like the X-Files, in the creation and expansion of businesses like the Disinformation Company and in various streams of quasi-Milleniam thinking.

                            The 2000 Election fit that framework perfectly. Two millionares squared off and the guy who lost, won. He was something of a chucklehead, but he surounded himself with Old White Guys with connections to "think tanks" and Oil Companies, and thus were all clearly evil.

                            And then something completely off the radar happened. Huge, bloody, destructive, and seemingly incomprehensible.

                            Now your choices are believing that the largest power in the world, who you had long held were really in control of everything, just got sideswiped by 20 guys or you can re-write the experience to fit your pre-existing belief system. Oh sure, it looked like Saudis associated with Al Queda did it, but they were really on the payroll of the US/CIA/Mossad. They faked the incident, really stuffed the buildings with explosives, are keeping the people on those planes on an isolated island to prevent them from exposing the plot, etc. all so they could get access to Afghanastan, a place no one has really wanted since after WW2 and Iraq, where they've been so creative in their cover story that they're making it seem like the whole things has been a complete mess post-invasion while they're manuvering for their next step in their plan.

                            Logic can easily be constructed to make this whole thing stick. That's one of the dangers of logic. Once the mechanism starts moving it will do so in a perfectly coherent fashion. But if even one flaw is in the initial conditions all the logic built from it will appear indistinguishable from insanity.


                              good point.

                              but please note this conspiracy stuff is bigger in the usa then in holland.
                              dont really know about other countries.


                                Fuck this.

                                Thread closed.
                                Calm down, it's only ones and zeros.
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