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Eddie Bravo is a paranoid stoner quote this if you are down

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    Why search for truth....UFC 198 is on.

    Yeah bro. I said none of those exist. were did I say anything about them all being conspiracy theories? those are some things that will lead to the truth. that is what these are all about. Even if you don't want to accept it, 911 defied 2 laws of physics. Buldings dont fall at freefall speed, into the line of most resistance and end up pulverised into dust. Jet fuel doesn't do that. and why is noone mentioning World Trade Center Building 7???? a 47 story bld. pulverised in under 9 sec. no plane hit it. what the hell. come on. you use you retoric to attack the messenger and not the message. you must all watch these videos, all available for free on Google video. then we can talk. I am a huge skepetic. but i also have an open mind. check these out for free. and by the way Eddie Bravo is a no-gi BJJ Revolutionary. and yeah he is a paranoid stoner, but just because your paranoid, don't mean their not after you.
    please watch:
    911 Mysteries: part 1 demolitions
    Freedom to Facisism
    Alex Jones: Terrorstorm, Martial Law, Order of Death, American Democracy
    HAARP program: holes in the sky
    Loose Change: 2nd edition

    check em out. you make time for american idol, watch what so many are watching, and see why so many are so passionate about this. why not. If you believe the truth movemt, this info is a must. If you don't you should know about this also. make your own decisions.


      Oh, dear, an Alex Jones groupy. Weaving spiders come not here.


        attack the message not me.

        thats weak. attack what he says. i am not a "groupie" but he puts out very knowledgable documentaries. and everything he says has documentation behind it. Prove me wrong. go watch the movies. did you notice movies by other filmmakers there. I am more a Darren Brown Mind Control fan. you know about acute hypnosis and NLP. check it out. its implications by the CIA and midia are easy to recognize. what do you have against alex jones anyway. he may be a loudmouth, but he is passionate about his message. prove his message wrong. I love america and the constitution and i don't want to see this great nation destroyed. sorry. do you? is is being orcestrated as we speak. wake up .


          I think some of the people here need an intro to philosophy course and a good mid-level logic course. In the meantime, I keep searching for Vishnu's Avatar in hopes he can save me from these evil rakshasas.

          What is it with the spiders?

          And finally.
          1 - Yes, rich people hang out with other rich people trying to get richer. Is that news?
          2 - Capitalism thrives (fortunately) on the blood of the unskilled. Replacing unskilled labor with technology increases profits, create better technology as well we as creates cheaper products.
          3 - The simplest explanation is often the correct one. Ockham's anyone?
          4 - I love M-theory. Strings taste yummy in my tummy.
          5 - If you give your enemy's enemy a gun, he will eventually shoot you with it.
          6 - Life really is that simple. Everything happens in cycles and can be trended.


            You just quoted a freaking neo-Nazi website. Yes, according to them, there is absolutely no moral equivalence between the U.S. and Nazi Germany. In fact, Nazi Germany was the moral superior, they didn't really want to invade Poland, and Austria was begging for annexation, and so forth.

            For the sources though:

            The question was how we should maneuver them [the Japanese] into the position of firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves. It was a difficult pro-position.

            After discussing the matter, Roosevelt and his closest advisers agreed that:

            In spite of the risk involved, however, in letting the Japanese fire the first shot, we realized that in order to have the full support of the American people it was desirable to make sure that the Japanese were the ones to do this so that there should remain no doubt in anyone's mind as to who were the aggressors.
            What was said here was that it's desireable that the Japanese should attack the U.S. first. The next part I already refuted, the anticipated attacks on America were thought to be in the Phillipines.

            Even at the time, it wasn't clear the U.S. and allies were going to win, and it would be desirable if we came out of the conflict the good guys, when we were in position to be the World leader after the war. If we lost, then we should look like we were provoked into attacking. Every country, including Germany, invoked the same set of circumstances, and so too did Japan. "We were provoked into war" has been the theme song of every country in every set of circumstances, even when we went into Iraq, we said we had been provoked.

            As David Irving reminds us, the published versions of many "memoirs" often differ greatly from the original manuscripts.
            Yes, it's a good sign when you quote someone who was found in court to willfully misuse historical documents. Shows a high level of credibility.

            The Nixon conversations showed that many people who gave sworn testimony about what Nixon said were dead wrong about everything. It's well known in psychology that people inflate their roles in events, forget things which they disagreed with, remember things they agree with, use their imagination to fill in holes where they can't remember events, etc.

            In 1979 the NSA released 2,413 JN-25 orders of the 26,581 intercepted by US between Sept 1 and Dec 4, 1941. The NSA says "We know now that they contained important details concerning the existence, organization, objective, and even the whereabouts of the Pearl Harbor Strike Force." (Parker p 21)
            Which has already been extensively discussed with an interview by the proponents of this theory and against it, and with the existence of the documents, and their location. (Declassified under FAIO). The Japanese changed their code three times, (JN-25-A, JN-25-B, JN-25-N), and they did have lots of details in them. Unfortunately, we didn't read them until we cracked the AN code in 1945. Again, already refuted and detailed, but you're still posting it. Which is why I think it's an article of faith, not fact.


              We're all going to implanted with chips are we?!

              A few questions:
              1) How do you arrange to implant the 250 million people with chips (assuming it's just US citzens who will be implanted)?
              2) How do you collect the data on their whereabouts given they need to be within a few meters of a detector to read the chip?
              3) Assuming you can collect it, where are you going to store all the data on their whereabouts updated every say ten minutes?
              4) Assuming you can store it, how are you going to analyse such a massive amount of data?
              5) Assuming you can analyse it, what are you going to do with this data?
              6) If any of this is possible/useful then why haven't we already put a chip in all the convicted paedophiles?


                I want a holodec chip to be implanted in my weewee. Then it can make holographic, yet, tangible projections that makes it look thick and long, like an elephant trunk or a walrus neck.


                  OK, so that's how you can get all the men to have a chip implanted but what about the women?


                    We can promise them a chip that sends tangible, holographic projections of "Salma Hayek"-grade butts and titties. *

                    * with a fine print, in the tiniest font possible where it also says the chips turns them into sex-craved bi-sexual nynphos who never nag and who let us watch TV uninterrupted.


                      Originally posted by Teh El Macho
                      I want a holodec chip to be implanted in my weewee. Then it can make holographic, yet, tangible projections that makes it look thick and long, like an elephant trunk or a walrus neck.
                      Have you considered the repercussions when Big Brother wants to know where you're at? You'll be subjected to the glove-check everytime (Illuminati, Skull and Bones, George W. Bush, Wal-Mart, G8, Council on Foreign Relations) wants to know where you are.


                        *** thinking about the pros and cons of trading free will for unrestricted goochie and a dick that looks like an elephant trunck ***

                        Shit, decisions, decisions.


                          Originally posted by Teh El Macho
                          We can promise them a chip that sends tangible, holographic projections of "Salma Hayek"-grade butts and titties. *

                          * with a fine print, in the tiniest font possible where it also says the chips turns them into sex-craved bi-sexual nynphos who never nag and who let us watch TV uninterrupted.
                          It's all fun and games till a cluster lizard gets loose in the reprogramming machinery!

                          Seriously, I cordially invite anyone who still believes the "burning fuel couldn't do that" bullshit to go take a flying leap of the 580 overpass.


                            RFID chips...

                            laugh all you want about . If your serious about knowing how they are already implementing tracking us go to, scroll down and click on the left on RFID chips, or cashless society.

                            you don't have to implant everyone, the chips can be interwoven into clothes, id cards, passports... Please check out about it. there are lots of documents, links and info. these chips will be offered as a good thing. so the docs will know all your info, so you wont have to carry id cards or money, or to get into VIP rooms in swanky clubs. some you already have to get implanted to get into. Read about it. their way ahead of us.


                              Eddie Bravo is God.


                                This film is basically three different documentaries condensed into chapters. The first chapter I find interesting but the second has been disproven countless times.

                                The third chapter is called America: Freedom to Fascism which was a documentary by the late Aaron Russo. This documentary is about as real as it gets and I urge everyone to watch it. The full version goes much more in depth about the income tax, the IRS and the Federal Reserve. It also has an interview with Ron Paul which is very informative.



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