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Eddie Bravo is a paranoid stoner quote this if you are down

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    More wealth!! omg omg!

    To be fair, I don't see what the problem with one world government is. The movie talks about it like this is like the death of us all. I think it would be peachy keen.


      Worked well in Star Trek.

      Maybe the NWO members are all vampires? They want to herd us into concentration camps and then feed off us. That could be it.


        They're in for a surprise when they find out that all the black people are actually half-breed vampire killers.


          Soyulent Green!!!! It's people!!!! (most likely poor people)


            Soylent burritos!! (made out of us beaners!!!! eeeeek!!!!)


              To be honest, there is no fucking sense in adopting a new currency, the Amero (or whatever other fictional currency). Use the common US dollar instead. It is almost a de-facto currency in many Central American countries, for example (and I'm quite sure that's also the case in many parts of Northern Mexico.)

              There's been a lot of talks of creating a union in Central America (more vaporware than anything), but were it be the case it takes place, the US dollar might be the new currency. It's de-facto. Take that into consideration when talking about the inevitability of a common currency other than the dollar, or the attributed "evilness" of the whole concept.

              Going back to our northern side of the globe, other than Canada, the US is the only industrialized country in North America... actually in the entire of the Americas. So what's the worry? And why would a new currency be necessary? Assuming a common currency is inevitable, based on existing experience, dollarization would be the natural way to go.

              Panama has been dollarized since 1904, Ecuador since 2000 and El Salvador since 2001. What would the impediment be in Mexico adopting the dollar, assuming that would ever take place?

              Really, people, fucking think for a second. The minting of a new currency, to be slated in 2010, which somehow will be adopted, in three years, by Canada (an industrialized nation) and Mexico (a developing nation with a culture that's borderline chauvinistic - yeah I went there).

              C'mon people.

              The adoption of a foreign currency over domestic ones is not new, nor necessarily evil. Unions of nations and federations have occurred all the time, sometimes for the detriment of one of the unionized countries as in Chiapas and Yucatan when they were annexed to Mexico, sometimes to the better as in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of 14th-17th century Europe.

              The dissolution of unions, or the breakdown of nations has always been a constant fact as well (breakdown of the Central American Union, the Peru-Bolivian union, Yugoslavia, etc, etc.)

              And guess what??? We are still here. People come and go. People live and die. People prosper and flounder. If this is the mark of the end of the US, what the fuck do people expect after watching that clip? That they can stop it or severely delay it???

              The chips will fall where they may. History is still in the making.
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                Pardon me if I am stating the obvious, but don't we have an election next year? And our current Decider is ineligible for another term. And I personally don't see Republicans keeping the office. Major conspiracies and secret organizations? Okay. Democrats working with Republicans? Wait-a-fucking-minute... how do you expect me to believe that?


                  According to my Brother (who is a paranoid stoner funnily enough) the one world government will wipe out 2/3 of the world's population.

                  He also claims that there will be a mandatory draft next year and the illuminati are controlling all governments. That Bin Laden is a CIA Agent who blew up the Twin Towers to enable anti-terror laws to be put through...... Oh and the British Royal Family are Lizards.


                    Let me know when folks have taken the time to learn the difference between a plausible assumption, a reasonable argument and a verifiable proof. At the moment it seems the distinctions between such things has been lost.




                        Originally posted by Asriel
                        Oh and the British Royal Family are Lizards.
                        This isn't too far fetched..


                          I think you're confusing lizard with parasite


                            Originally posted by Fitz
                            Let me know when folks have taken the time to learn the difference between a plausible assumption, a reasonable argument and a verifiable proof. At the moment it seems the distinctions between such things has been lost.
                            Off Topic: You know I looked at your style field, read your statement, and laughed pretty hard.

                            On topic: I agree.


                              Originally posted by M1K3
                              light beer.
                              And that's the very essence of evil.


                                +subscribe. My IE is crapping out and I don't want to forget this thread. I will watch teh vid of doom (and see if it's like the 10 cent or whatever vid of 9/11...which was extremely interesting)



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