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Bas Rutten endorses Krav Maga !?!

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    Bas Rutten's self-defense videos go way back, and he still uses most of the same moves. The first one though didn't feature all the great commentary, which was really what watching that DVD was all about. With the exception of the gun and knife defenses that he teaches in his Street Fighting videos, almost every move is the exact same one when he only knew Kyokushin.

    To test it, we need volunteers near his gym to try at random the following: Bear hugs, wrist grabs, hair grabs (head grabs?), frontal chokes, kicking him off his bar stool, telling him he has a fat wife, putting a gun up to him, attacking him with a knife, standing rear naked choking him, pushing him, and throwing a haymaker at him. Video proof needed, watch Emin Boztepe and you'll see how a true master tests out his opponent's S.D. skills.


      Originally posted by Vince Tortelli
      Don't make Bas won't like him when he's angry.

      i like his green boxers



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