This should generate some really good, and possibly diverse opinions -

In the traditional school of thought (of which I tend to gravitate towards) training of the more dangerous techniques should not be given freely to just anyone wanting to learn them. For example, you can teach cervical locks to anyone - however, should you? The question is whether the person you are teaching is moral enough to be able to restrain themselves in a given situation. Of course this is a purely personal opinion of the Sensei but another reason why traditional karate reserves some of the more interesting techniques until after you make Shodan.

This is kind of hard to put into words, but I am under a moral obligation to teach only those whose character I can trust not to misuse the techniques. Of course, there is always the case where somebody snaps - and nobody can foresee that. But with the MMA community the way it is today it seems that there are people out there who can't control their temper and would just as soon rumble with you as look at you.

I feel that learning martial arts should give you control over yourself - and should only be used if you feel you have to protect your life and not to settle an argument.

So - with all of the different viewpoints here on this forum, this should be an interesting question. I've searched the forum for other threads like this but couldn't find anything specific.

The question is: Should the martial arts (including the MMA community) train anyone who wants to learn these techniques? and If so, what restrictions would you place on teaching?

Thanks -