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Kyokushin and BJJ Getting Dissed in Anime

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    Kyokushin and BJJ Getting Dissed in Anime

    So I was watching this martial art anime. And I was surprised at the amount of trash talking the series did on other styles. Heres a summary of some of the trash talking I saw while watching the series.

    Boxing Gets Dissed

    This kid goes into the world welter weight champion's boxing gym. And then starts talking smack to all the boxer's in the gym.

    13 year old boy: Boxing isn't a real fighting style. There's no kicking, no grappling, no knees, no elbows, no nothing.


    Then one of the boxers punches the bag all the way to the ceiling. Then the kid uses some eagle claw bullshit and cuts the bag in half. All of the water spills out.

    Kyokushin Get Dissed

    A guy walks into the main Kyokushin dojo of the entire world(Japan duh) He kicks all the Karate students asses. So Oyama comes in from his office where he was drinking tea.(Oyama is still middle aged in the 90's and kills tigers instead of bulls. Don't ask)

    Mr. Badass: How can you learn to fight when you can't even punch people in the face?

    I was like holy shit this guy is dissing Kyokushin in front of the Man Mas Oyama himself.

    Oyama: blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and then he hits him in the forehead and Mr. Badass starts bitching.

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gets Dissed

    This guy goes inside the Gracie Mansion and talks to Gracie.

    17 year old guy: I came to Brazil to fight the strongest fighters in the world.

    Gracie then goes on about how he practically went to Japan and got raped. He's talking to the 17 year old in a wheelchair covered head to toe in bandages. Then we see images of Gracie getting the smack down from Japan's "elite fighers"

    Gracie: Stay in Rio de Janeiro. You can be rich and famous here.

    17 year old guy: I could care less about all that I want to fight the strongest men on earth.

    And heres the series where this all happened.

    Jesus Fucking tapdancing in a minefield kill yourself.


      Actually, if you read the manga.......

      Oyama exists in the baki world, he just happens to be dead.

      Infact a new fighter named 'speck' in the manga says

      "it's too bad the god hand is dead. I love wrecking natinal symbols'' he says to a japanese fighter.

      Then they show the statue of liberty all fucked up.


      Don't forget the BJJ guy Yujiro destroyed, as well as the guy Jack Hammer Who got ripped apwart.

      Because i think he's funny.


        Anyone see History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi? I thought it was a cool show, good share of bullshido and all.

        It's about this kid that goes into some uber secret dojo to learn from all the masters so he can kick some ass.


          Yes that series is Baki the grappler. And he had to learn the styles so he could figure out how to beat them.


            I saw the tournament episodes of Baki on youtube. I didn't care for it all that much. I thought Doppo Orochi was supposed to be the Oyama of the baki world.


              So what you're saying is, you watch cartoons AND take them seriously, right?


              laser penis


                what about the new one ...Battle of the planets


                  Holy shit Robotech is the shit.


                    ninja scroll + Fist of the North Star + Street Fighter the Animated Movie




                      Nah the best is Astro Boy


                        I saw 3 episodes of Baki... most retarded shit I've ever seen. Ippo ftw.


                          Originally posted by Deadmeat
                          ninja scroll + Fist of the North Star + Street Fighter the Animated Movie


                          Holy shit deadmeat knows his anime. It's like you read my mind.


                            Deadmeat and Virus have animed the correct.

                            But adults know that anime is only for small stupid children and big lifeless weirdoes, so further discussion is pointless.


                              princess mononoke... /discuss



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