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    Do these look good?

    Not sure if this is the right forum or not, but I am looking into starting up at a martial arts school for two reasons...

    1. To better my physical health.
    2. To be able to defend myself if need be.

    These are the schools in my area:

    Any thoughts if these schools seem good or legit?

    This should have been posted in newbietown. That is the place to introduce yourself and start noobish type threads. A mod will move it there shortly. There you can ask questions without being trolled.

    Typical intro:

    Hi, I am XYZ looking to start training in an MA. I am looking to do XYZ for X reasons.

    It helps alot more if you let us know what you are looking for. The three schools are very different in what they teach and how they teach it. The last one is a little of concern with the line: If you are concerned about what the world is coming to.

    I wouldn't train at a place that bases itself in fear.

    From the style of the school itself, for self defense I would vote for the madamajj place.
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    There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.


      Originally posted by cyrijl
      This should have been posted in newbietown. That is the place to introduce yourself and start noobish type threads. A mod will move it there shortly. There you can ask questions without being trolled.
      Just hit the report post next time (I've already done it), and type something like 'Newbietown post in MABS'.

      Welcome to the site caine1204. I don't know enough about kung fu to comment on the first link. Concerning the second and third, I'd chose the second, but I'm biased for obvious reasons.

      The best thing to do is to go check out all three schools and report your thoughts back here. Look for fully-resistant sparring and avoid anyone that tells you, "Our techniques are too deadly to use while sparring, so we don't do it."
      Shut the hell up and train.


        I did report it, but I thought I might offer some more general advice so the guy doesn't think his post just disappeared.
        There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.


          A kung fu school, a Matt Serra brown belt's gym, and a Judo/Shotokan dojo...

          If this is a troll job, I'll give you an 8/10 right now for the "Three guys walk into a bar..." setup.

          If not, then I'd heartily recommend the bjj school. If he runs his classes the same way Matt trains, you should get into great shape AND learn to fight.

          Second choice would probably be the Karate/Judo school. Judo is a great skill to learn, and some Karate is actually good.
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          Originally posted by jnp
          That is exactly what I meant sdave. You are dead on, as usual.


            1. BJJ school.
            3. the Kung Fu school could move higher if they spar hard and do sanshou/sanda.


              From the choices you have, I'd immediately discount the KF school. Looking at their site, they appear to be a load of LARPers.

              So you then have the choice between the BJJ and Judo schools. What would you rather learn? More groundwork or standing/throwing?
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                I think I will go with the BJJ school.

                I stopped by the KungFu school and watched for a bit and didn't think it was me or fit my objectives from what I saw.

                The Judo school...Basically it works like this...

                You choose 1 styles you want to study. Shotokan Karate, Judo, or Japanese Jujitsu. You get 2 days a week at 1.5 hours per class for a whopping 110.00 per month with a one year contract.

                I was able to take a free trial to try out the classes of each style. The Judo and JJ classes were a lot like. Being new, Class starts out with a hour warm up and you go for about an hour of instruction. Basic drills and doesn't seem like they do randori? sparring in a realistic way, He basically stresses not to resist the person performing the move so you don't get hurt. My thougt was, how do you know how to realistically apply these moves if you don't practice with real resistance? Anyhow, it seems out of the 4 weeks of instruction you get, one week of it you sit there watching people testing. I thought that kind of sucks considering you are paying for a month of instruction.

                The karate class has no free sparring. The instructor acts like sparring is wearing your sparring gear and lightly touch or come close to hitting your opponent, Major turn off for me. I questioned this, and he said he doesn't allow free sparring until you are basically a brown belt because no one has enough technique. Keep in mind, the highest belt in any of the three styles is a blue belt. He has been operating for serveral years. I don't know what he bases belt promotions on when one doesn't even practice live to any degree.

                There is an over emphasis with knowing japanese terms which I thought was really lame. In fact, he fails people for belt tests if you don't know all the japanese terms and customs. Another turn off, I want to learn to fight not learn another language. Plus much more, in my opinion it seemed like a mcDojo.

                Anyhow, I will be going to the BJJ school. Atleast the instructor is a Student of Matt Serra and they actually have MMA classes too.


                  good choice!

                  The first few months are going to be really tough, I hope you can get through them, after that it gets really fun.

                  Best of luck.



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