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DID SEARCH - couldn't find any thread on this dude

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    DID SEARCH - couldn't find any thread on this dude

    James "Sabum" Rosenbach

    I mean really, this site has so many "pics of disaster" it's difficult to grasp.

    "I can shoot myself with my eyes closed and one hand behind my back! HYYYYAAAAAAA BLACK BELT KARATE CHOP!"

    From the James Rosenbach "Credentials":
    • ATA Black Belt Instructor
    • ICMAE Black Belt Instructor
    • Yong Be Kwon Hapkido 1st Degree Black Belt
    • ITA Tae Kwon Do 3rd Degree Black Belt
    • Ninjutsu Black Belt Instructor under Master Hatsumi
    • Instructor Black Belt From Un Young Kim and the Ko Ki Kwon in Korea
    • 2nd Degree Black Belt under Walt Lysak in Sento Karate
    • Black Belt Instructor from the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union)
    • Premier Status Black Belt under Robert Bussey (Highest Rank Given)
    • Honorary Admiral in the Great Navy of Nebraska under Governor Mike Johanns
    • United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2004- Ninjutsu Master of the Year.
    • Alliance
    • Soke title and International Soke Council.
    And my favorite in the world:
    For many years James Rosenbach served as a high level instructor and silent partner to Robert Bussey in the


    Our method includes the following advanced techniques:
    • Protection from your mom putting out cigarettes in your eye!
    • How to fight your molesting uncle!
    • How do give a proper noogie to a younger sibling!
    Also, "self protection system" sounds like he's trying to sell condoms.

    Why haven't I seen any reference to this kaka on here yet? I found some thread regarding his amazing master, Bussey (et al.) and the amazing RBWI method but none about this sack of... Sorry I digress, let's keep it professional.

    RWTB = Really Want Twinkies (wearing a) Bracelet???

    [#insert larping/light saber/special olympics/american gladiator remark here]

    I hope you'll all forgive that I haven't been entirely journalistic and objective - but the sheer enourmosity of this bullshido is too much for me. Especially if you check out the "RWTB Olympics" gallery (same page as the light saber warriors above) you will find one blond nunchuck swinging 12 year old, signing autographs at some retarded elementary school. It's just so overwhelmingly sad...

    Honorary Admiral in the Great Navy of Nebraska under Governor Mike Johanns

    Nebraska has a navy?


      If they do, i'll bet their response time is horrible.


        What's with those funky ass tapered leg gis?

        Please Hammer, don't hurt em.


          Originally posted by monkeyflip282
          Nebraska has a navy?
          Wheat fields from a distance look like water.....when the wind is blowing.....


            This belongs in YMAS.

            As far as my .02. I like this tenet they have:
            Refrain From The Senseless Killing Of All Living Things
            I like this one because it is the hardest ones to get fat kids to obey.

            of course
            I Will Be A Champion Of Freedom And Justice
            I Will Build A More Peaceful World

            is good too
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                From their FAQ (my emphasis):

                Mr. Rosenbach has a long history with Tae Kwon Do, he taught Tae Kwon Do classes for many years, before R.B.W.I. blended the fighting arts together (pioneering one of the first hybrid styles ever, a forefather to the Mixed Martial Arts).
                Uh, no. Just no. No, whatever else it was, RBWI was not a 'forefather to the Mixed Martial Arts'.


                  I have to admit this school has the most nerdy/fat-tastic pictures i have seen. I especally like the pics of them crappling at one of the tournys they prolly hosted


                    did anyone else notice the picture of Jeremy Horn in their black belts section?



                      :O I WANNA BE A WARRIORZZZ


                        If you kick this guy in the chin, are you technically kicking his ass, too?


                          Bussey was a ninjer in the 80's and 90's who blended Bujinkan with TKD and a heavy dose of Christian Fundamentalism.

                          Draw whatever conclusion you want from that ...


                            Oh, and they apparently have a forum ...



                              I AM NOT A JERKY




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