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    I think I will post this again.

    A ninja make me come to Bullshido, where I met a Wing Chunner and because of it all I still want to do my TKD.

    And I am seriously not shitting you.

    Win one for the homeboys.


      A friend introduced me to the shitfest that is shoninkwondo and I was looking for more info on it.
      thing is it's near the best gym in the area
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        I used to work out of town a lot so found Bullshido when I was looking for alternatives to crappy hotel "gyms" as a way of exercising. It didn't actually help at the time, but started me as a regular lurker.


          Like the op I found it through the somethingawful forums. I was reading one of the general martial arts threads and someone(probably phrost) linked to one of the somethingoranother sucks month videos. I found it rather amusing.


            Originally posted by Matt W.
            Well, let me again put in my recomendation for solid grappling skills at the two local Judo clubs. You do have to pony up 50$ for a USJA membership, but after that it's a ridiculously low $15 a month.

            And dude, if you're still in High School you should be freaking wrestling!!!! Fantastic training, including a fantastic base for MMA, that is FREE with lots of competition. In fact, if money and transportation are an issue, I see no reason why you'd need to focus on anything other than wrestling right now. Damn, kid, take advantage of these HS years and get GOOD!
            Ya, I didn't see the prices on the site. Thanks for the info.

            As for wrestling I had been doing it, but it interfered with debate, and UW doesn't have wrestling anymore, and so no scholarships from that, but with me almost being guranteed to go to nationals in debate, that should help me get into the UW. Now don't get me wrong, I love wrestling and it was one of my favorite activities, but I was also looking into my future and think that debate is the better investment. BTW CVHS has a pretty shitty wrestling team so I don't think I lost too much on that. The only people who actually do good here are naturally gifted wrestlers.


              Found Bullshido

              break through the noise:bully:
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