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What brought you to Bullshido?

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    Another one journeying the river of blood to sto-vo-kor - welcome!


      What brought me to bullshido?

      Well, myself and two other TMA'ers were standing on a hill one night practicing our horse stances in front of a full moon. Then one of number spied a great star in the east. Surely it was the biggest and the brightest in all the nights sky!
      So we set off on a long and ardous journey. At length, directly beneath the brioghtest of starts, we found stables.
      A sense of power and awe washed over us as we approached. The door almost throbbed with other worlds powers.
      But, compelled by forces beyond our ken (and our barbie and all our other action figures), we pushed the door open.
      Here we found, lying silent in a manger ready to strike, a small infant wearing MMA gloves. We knelt and prayed beside him. As we did so, three Ninjers and three _ing _unners entered the stable and knelt by our sides.
      So overcome were we all....


        This thread is a 'rope' now.
        I came here, originally - in questioning and flaming against some things that work for me.
        I read words about 'that will never work' - but knew they had worked for me - in the right time and place.

        I stay here- because, regardless of too many who are really Mortal Combat and McDojo trained - the real dealers pull no punches and rise to the top.

        THIS is a very open martial forum - unlike any other I have ever seen.

        For all the sifting between Fools, dweebs, wanna - be's and never wazzit's - I find thoughtfull content.

        thats all I ask - and hard to find on the martial forums, uncounted.


          i was at a crossroad. i didn't know which way to go. should i continue my existance of sitting in my basement and training my stand-up or should i stuff my pride and ignore the immortal advice of my then god bruce lee and return to tkd. i sat in shame praying for a bjj school to open up in spokane. never wanting to return to the horror's of tma i chose to continue to self train and box with friends. i knew i needed a ground game, i had watched too much mma to know that i couldn't fight without one. i went to the internet to look for potential places to train in the future, treading carefully in the valley of mcdojo's. as i wandered the vast void known as the net, i found a wikipedia article on frank dux whom taught in cali. i had seen bloodsport and had my doubts, but if he was telling the truth, what a better person to learn mma from!

          always cautious, however, i searched for proof that he was the real deal, praying that it was true. then i stumbled upon an article that changed my life forever, it was the bullshido article denouncing dux. as i read it i thought, "by god, allah, shiva, yaweah, buddah, zeus, jesus, odin, thor, freya, hermes, athena, mars, jupitar, royce gracie, bruce lee, goku, gandalf and satan! this is the site i have been looking for to guide me on my journey!"

          and so it was, i lurked for about half a year before finally joining. i have never turned back and have decieded to move to seattle next year and train at AMC Pankration. Matt Hume FTW!


            Tired of the watering down of martial arts for profit. Thats what brings me to bullshido.


              I started a thread about finishing leg triangles on another forum which led to a member of both forums linking me to bullshido.


                Came because of one of the old videos on the site. Stayed for the comfort that I wasn't the only one who got taken in by a TKD McDojo.


                  I read a post by Phrost on another forum and he had the link in his sig.


                    I came because I felt obligated to troll.


                      no apologetic BS.
                      and no punches pulled in discussion of the arts, techniques and history
                      as well as a decent number of educated people with references/research/evidence
                      to back up claims/conclusions made

                      and to see fallacious arguments/morons get pwn3d in entertaining ways that I wish to borrow.


                        It wasn't too long ago that I finally had the time and means to attend martial arts after thinking about it for most of my childhood.

                        I was watching Cowboy Bebop and there was an episode of him teaching someone to "Flow like water", I entered that phrase into google and up came Aikido, I thought that it was the answer to my dreams and didn't really look any further. So after I set myself onto the path of being an Aikidoka I tried to learn everything I could about it and so I finally came across this forum and people bashing aikido like mad.

                        To be honest, after reading a few threads about Aikido I thought you where all a bunch of tryhard wankers with a vendetta against Aikido for no real reason so I basically ignored this place and went on my way over at Aikiweb to try and find a good dojo. I attended a trial session and it instantly hit me that it was not what I expected and a lot of what I had read on here was true, the stuff I had read on here sat in the back of my mind the whole session. When I finally escaped I came crawling back looking for a real martial art and I have stayed here since.


                          I was trying to get an actual contact martial art club started on my college campus and was asked to create a risk assessment packet. A striker who was just being introduced to grappling with any seriousness, I had virtually no knowledge on the exact biology or relative dangers of any live grappling, but being a fan of the UFC I did not want to eliminate it as a possibility since the plan was to use the money we'd get to bring in qualified instructors.

                          Upon asking my basic questions, I was informed that I was a horrendous fag and had no business sparring if I couldn't answer them myself for this formal report.

                          Shortly after that, Asia and some others actually went over an approach to compiling it for risk assessment with me.

                          Two years of arguing later, it became the BJJ club, and my last year of college saw actual sparring and rolling under a credited outside instructor, paid for by the college.

                          Now, I just graduated and started a new job, and my lazy-ass friend who took over for me hasn't done any of the paperwork to bring the coach back for the new year now that I'm gone. Mother fucker.


                            Originally posted by Lampa
                            ...Mother fucker.
                            :dontknow:Did I just miss the part about "what brought you to Bullshido"?

                            CLICK & WATCH
                            I got BULLSHIDO ON TV!!!

                            "Bruce Lee sucks because I slammed my nuts with nunchucks trying to do that stupid shit back in the day. I still managed to have two kids. I forgive you Bruce.
                            " - by Vorpal


                              In perfect hindsight, I would say it was Pyscho Dad's avatar. Blimey. It just pips Asriel's but only 'cos of numbers. In defence of Asriel's avatar, I would say that Keeley's (ahem) "Rack" as you Americanos say, is equal to the 3 birds in Dad's avatar.

                              What was the question again?


                                I have seen the light!!.............sick of all the BS!



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