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    wandering around wiki bored at work and found a reference to this site somewhere.


      I heard about the forum on a few years ago.

      At the time, it was good for a laugh AND served as a caution for me (a striker) to go out and learn how to do some of that non striking stuff.

      Fast forward about 5 years. I "inherited" a karate/jujutsu program at a local health club. While competing against local MA studios for students the depth of the bullshit out there became apparent.

      I find myself being a non bullshit guy (or at least I try) trying to sell non bullshit training methods (like break a sweat, spar alot, don't ignore ground fighting and drop the stuff that is just a poor imitation of someone else's culture and gets in the way of breaking a sweat) to a population who has been fed the McDojo Way for so long they think its the norm.

      I've had at least one school owner call my methods "brutal" and forbid his people upon pain of expulsion to go anywhere near me and the guys I help train.

      WTF is wrong with that picture?

      As far as brutality goes - everyone picks their own level of contact. Want hard contact? Great. Wanna go easy? Just tell the other guy. Wanna stay standing? Ok. Only wanna grapple? Fine. The only people who get hit hard are the ones who say its ok.

      Call my membership here as a way to connect with like minded folks. No, I don't assume everyone agrees with what I'm doing or the way I'm doing it. In this case, "like minded" means being able to use what you are training in order to protect yourself.



        A link to Bullshido on TXMMA led me here. I checked the site everyday for new articles and leader stories on the home page for two or three months before I found the forums. Lurked for another four months or so before I registered.

        Stayed because of the throwdowns and several senior posters' wit and knowledge concerning all things related to MA.
        Shut the hell up and train.


          I came here to meet girls.


            Originally posted by bobyclumsyninja
            throwdowns, and training tips.
            but not hair tips


              I followed HedgeHogey back when he was trolling MAP


                PatfromLogan saw me reading Black Belt Magazine in a local bookstore a couple of years ago and had to save me, so he told me about this place. It's the only time in my life that I haven't cursed some nutjob for trying to "save" me at the magazine rack.


                  I don't remember, probably looking for some Wing Tsun related info on the Net and finding a place where almost everybody was stating that what I was training as the most efficient Chinese martial art ever is a stinking pile of walrus-shit.
                  I couldn't get it why.

                  So I registered, got annoyed by all the bad words and evil intents...
                  ...and fell in love with the site - it is alive in all senses of the word.

                  Yeah, and I am still waiting to see the light. I feel it is getting nearer...

                  CLICK & WATCH
                  I got BULLSHIDO ON TV!!!

                  "Bruce Lee sucks because I slammed my nuts with nunchucks trying to do that stupid shit back in the day. I still managed to have two kids. I forgive you Bruce.
                  " - by Vorpal


                    Throwdowns. I'd had access to fight schools offering open mats for inter-style sparring in many other cities, but I hadn't found the right place in NYC yet.


                      I came on here by accident while looking for something to train in. At first I was considering doing "Jeet Kun Do" and read through the forums... and I'm glad I did. Bullshido saved my life.


                        Wiki showed me the way. I was actually searching for local judo/bjj school listings and reviews with prices and shit. Somehow the paths of the intarweb took me to the definition of mcdojo in wiki, and from there to here. Wiki is like Costco or ebay; you can find all kinds of stuff.


                          damn! this isn't a porn site?


                            Originally posted by Repulsive Monkey
                            I came here to meet girls.
                            Same, except it was men.

                            Nothing but boys here though. :(


                              I first came in here about 2 years ago, reading all of the investigations. Never got onto the forums, I just read the Kim/Dux/etc. stuff and laughed. Then followed a Y!A poster who is a member here (though i've yet to figure out which) and found out the forums had some good stuff too, so I regged. Good info., hilarious threads, and angry people make the best combination of comedy, so I stay.


                                I found this forum from someone who use to be an active member on It's funny since he also recommend martialwarrior forum as a good site.



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