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HOLY CHI Check this out!!! HUGE BULLSHIDO!

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    HOLY CHI Check this out!!! HUGE BULLSHIDO!

    So, like a moron I was on Y!Answers Martial Arts forum discussing the finer points of life when I came across this...

    Typical crazy Chi question, but even better is a guy totally sets himself up...

    I will spare you the whole giant thing, check out the Brain H's answer...

    Ok, so if his crazy answer wasn't bad enough. (Taking 4 years to learn how to do what takes Monks a lifetime, Chi manipulation at a high level and breaking steel) his links were so craptacularly awesome I HAD to share here on Bullshido, despte me not posting in like 4 months...

    So first check out the videos, they can be found at the below link, under related videos on the right hand side. (They are little but there is 4 HILARIOUS videos)

    Wait, I know your sides are still hurting... but it gets better...

    Check out the website:

    Now keep in mind this art was so deadly that this art was released to the Indonesian public in 1963, and has only been allowed to be taught to Westerners for less than a decade.


    It is hilarious, man I am at work but could someone PLEASE do so more digging on this one, it has to be the funniest damn thing I have ever seen!!!

    Ohhh check out the Videos!!!

    Here for your Friday afternoon pleasure, you can thank your friendly neighborhood Judomofo for bring you Merpati Putih, Bullshido of the highest degree...

    Anyone who still believes in chi (as far as its application to the martial arts goes) should be stuck in a rubber room with a straight jacket.


      No obscenity in thread titles, bud.

      Bad boy.


        Sorry about that.... Been a while...

        The edit is much funnier though.... thank you!


          Originally posted by Opinionatedkittie
          No The idea of Chi requires that you see the world in a certain way. It really doesn't fit at all in the western view of things. I know it works. But I can't really tell you how. My take on it is that imagining the flow of energy sets your mind up to work your body in a certain way so that a technique works. And much of it is internal, and therefore subtle. I really don't believe there's anything magical about it and I certainly wouldn't try to block a sword with it. It's better to just accept it and move on - no point in racking your western brain all out of shape about it.
          This is what I hate more than some chi-dork. What is it I hate?
          Some fucking "The-Western-Mind-Is-Soooooo-Limited" cockspank!

          Fuck you, opinionatedshitball! I hate your condescending attitude towards
          westerners with their "western minds". Have you ever stopped to wonder why
          countries like Japan, Korea, China, etc are investing in science and modern technology
          over their "ancient oriental s3cr3ts."

          I mean, if we were to believe chinese medicine, then we'd all have to agree that
          baby-batter (aka "sperm") was made in the kidneys. Oh, and if we jamb needles into
          the magical chi meridians, we can alleviate pain---it's not the endorphines, asshole! It's CHI!!!!


            Originally posted by Jkdbuck76
            This is what I hate more than some chi-dork. What is it I hate?
            Some fucking "The-Western-Mind-Is-Soooooo-Limited" cockspank!

            Fuck you, opinionatedshitball! I hate your condescending attitude towards
            westerners with their "western minds". Have you ever stopped to wonder why
            countries like Japan, Korea, China, etc are investing in science and modern technology
            over their "ancient oriental s3cr3ts."

            I mean, if we were to believe chinese medicine, then we'd all have to agree that
            baby-batter (aka "sperm") was made in the kidneys. Oh, and if we jamb needles into
            the magical chi meridians, we can alleviate pain---it's not the endorphines, asshole! It's CHI!!!!
            The funny thing is, it's usually western people who are insulting western ideas and circle-jerking to the whole "chi" deal. 90% of East Asians are just as rational and embracing of Western ideas as the guy next door.

            Chi is just a really outdated explanation for a collection of things that science has already clarified.


              It's not an ulcer! It is a small dwarf living in your stomach!
              Only qigong will loosen it up.

              Yes, I hate the western-born anti-western tards! I'd love to log in
              to yahoo answers and say "Listen dickmouth, chi is not real. There is nothing
              wrong with the western mind. There IS such a thing as objective reality.
              Go put a gun in your mouth and blow your western-but-wannabe-eastern mind out of your skulls."

              Judomofo, would you please post a link for Brian H and Opinionatedtardkitty to
              come over to this post?

              Have nice weekend, folks. Today is me and the Mrs's 5th wedding
              anniversary. Time to send the baby over to grandma's house and
              do some no-gi grappling of the fun kind.

              Piss on you chi-believers. Bullshido rules!
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                Amazing how all these craptastic marital arts have the exact same moves. I wish I could copyright the lunge-punch-to-standing-armbar-combo-of-death and collect royalties. I'd be as rich as Daniel Radcliffe.


                  Well, according to Brian H(omo) on yahoo answers, the chi breathing exercises are "pateneted".

                  LOL!!! So go ahead aaargh. Have at it.


                    Once again, Silat pulls ahead in the "Most Rediculous Martial Arts Mysticism" race.

                    Maybe August should be "Wizards Suck" month, for all the no-touch knockout, chi blasting charlatans out there?
                    We could even mix in footage of Harry Potter and Gandalf the Gray for the video highlight.


                      Done, I threw a link all over my answers....

                      OpinionatedKitten is hilarious, you should read he/she's other answers sometime... I think she is one of the ones that always Thumbs downs me lol...

                      The good thing is I am one of the top answerers, and that comes only from posting like this with sound advice about Aliveness in training, Cross training, MMA, etc.

                      So it leads me to believe that many people are coming around to what Martial Arts is, and what it isn't, at least in my bloviated opinion of it.


                        Seriously people, check out the links.... I promise you it is worth it... The videos are AMAZINGLY bad, and the Site itself has Doves all over it...

                        Man, I am still cracking up....


                          Judomofo -

                          You posted so many bullshido links in your answer that I accidentally clicked on one and registered thinking I would be winning a MacBook Pro for zapping a bug in a mini game and answering a 3 question survey....or not. Any way, the reason i'm here:
                          "Bullshido is the largest Martial Art website in the world (hits and forum members wise). They often go around and actually debunk Martial Art frauds. They also verify schools and instructors as "The Real Deal" They have members pretty much everywhere, and are HIGHLY adept at researching the validity of claims. Meaning if this art was really released to the public and it's foundation etc.

                          If people check it out and all is legit as you say it is, the attention it could bring to your art and helping it spread could be tremendous.

                          Additionally you can test your skills at one of their various "Throwdowns" where you can demonstrated what you have learned. Not just sparring or fighting, but perhaps you could "break an iron well pump handle".

                          Anyway, you have given me something to do as I will now see what I can dig up on your art. Feel free to check it out at and we'll see where it goes.."

                          Well let me get you started on your digging:
                          0 complaints.

                          Plenty of results.

                          Open House
                          Sept 15 & 28
                          7 PM
                          Public welcome
                          Link to the Fox Utah page for more details (Thanks for taking care of the hyperlinks JudoMofo)

                          Also, for anyone who hasn't checked out the Yahoo Answers page, I'm a farily new student, not a teacher. I have friends from the first class I started almost 4 years ago still taking the class, and I keep coming back for more. This isn't just a martial art, it's a life art. Breaking is cool and all, but it's just a tool used to measure our inner power and control of energy. I am not saying our fighting system (pencak silat) is superior to others (I definitely want to round out my skill set with ground work) , but our organization does have something that most others do not and that is the ability to develop and control large amounts of tenaga dalam (chi, inner power, bio-electricity what have you). These techniques are not just used for destroying metal, concrete, etc, but also for healing others and re-wiring your entire body as it was intended. Synchronizing mind, body, and spirit.

                          The teachers are some of the most genuine kind hearted people you will ever meet, they are not here to take everyone's money. Matter of fact, it's one of the cheapest martial arts you can take in Utah without it being run out of some dude's garage.

                          The only reason you haven't heard of this art before, JudoMofo, is because of skeptics like you who are quick to judge and write something off that they do not understand. I don't see what was so hilarious about the 10 steel bar break on the site.... also, i'm not sure if you know what Fox is, but My Fox Utah is Fox 13 news. I'm not sure if you know what news means, but here's the first paragraph of Wikipedia in case that helps:
                          "News is any new information or information on current events which is relayed by print, broadcast, Internet, or word of mouth to a third party or mass audience. The reporting and investigation of news falls within the profession of journalism. News is often reported by a variety of sources, such as newspapers, television, and radio programs, wire services, and web sites. News reporting is a type of journalism, typically written or broadcast in news style. Most news is investigated and presented by journalists and can be distributed to various outlets via news agencies."
                          Steel was being broken for the news broadcast, live, in front of the reporters. What's funny about that? I think it's really cool. What's funny to me is I didn't see the reporter debunking steel being broken in front of him. If I wanted to make sure a martial art was legit before signing up, I think I would rather the art be subjected to professional journalists and broadcast on live TV to prove the validity, as opposed to taking the word of someone in a forum who has absolutely no experience with the art, talking crap on everything but their own fighting system. I would check the Better Business Bureau for a history of fraud and complaints before making the type of comments you do in regards to my teacher's integrity and student satisfaction. If anyone in Utah is interested in joining, you won't regret it. Then you can come back to all of your Bullshido buddies and put up the same vain argument I am....I can't say that for sure because it doesn't seem worth it after a while. I don't feel the need to prove my abilities to anyone, I know what I can do and I gain a better understanding of what I will one day be capable of every time I train. You are the only one who can prove to yourself what's real and what isn't. Thanks for letting me "join" your forum.

                          Peace -

                          "Everyone needs MP, they just don't know it yet"


                            What? Someone said there's gonna be video?

                            CLICK & WATCH
                            I got BULLSHIDO ON TV!!!

                            "Bruce Lee sucks because I slammed my nuts with nunchucks trying to do that stupid shit back in the day. I still managed to have two kids. I forgive you Bruce.
                            " - by Vorpal


                              First off, what is up JudoMofo! Glad to see a familiar Y!A face. Secondly, I totally passed that question by. It's not even worth my wasting time for the 2 pts. I would invariably spend half an hour or more typing an essay on chi and it's fakery and that always makes me angry to see how much of my life I wasted so that the original questioner can give best answer to "OMG yes chi glove r 4 r34lz i see it from mster who trained me n chinaz when i waz juss 4!" I get enough hate mail already for my MMA vs. TMA views, I don't need the bamboos, Dillmans and Chi Gung freaks spamming my inbox too.

                              tenagakid: I am God. The facts were published on my local tv station. I don't feel the need to prove anything to you about my being God because I know I am God.

                              Seriously, it sounded more like glass than iron. But even if it was iron, it's very easy to understand. See, iron is untempered, which means it has millions of little flaws which make it brittle, especially the thickness apparently used in the video. Steel is tempered, hence the reason we have "steel skyscrapers", "steel safes" and "steel swords", not iron. Even "angle iron" and "iron rebar" is actually tempered by the milling processes involved in their creation. But that didn't look like any kind of rebar. And it still sounds like glass.



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