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Going to a new school.

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    Going to a new school.

    I used to practise Eagle Claw Kung Fu and Muay Thai at this kwoon last year, and it was a really good school. The Eagle Claw taught kept the flashy stuff to a minimum and had emphasis on physical conditioning with lots of cardio and muscle building. The Muay Thai had bagwork and sparring, and we did very well in full-contact Sanshou competitions. I'm planning on going back there next year.

    But alas, school held me back, and as the school was very distant from my place and the time tables were incompatible with my available times, I couldn't go anymore.

    However, I'm going to a new place to take up Muay Thai. I don't know much about it, but they do have a ring where they spar, and all the guys there were in good shape and looked like they could kick my buttocks, including the teacher. They participate in competitions as well, and sparring is optional and the conditions are agreed on by the students. So if anyone wants only light contact or doesn't want to spar at all, that's okay. But if someone wants full-contact, that's okay too. The experienced guys there seem quite relaxed about what newbies choose.

    I'm going to classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday are reserved to basketball for me.

    Am I getting a good deal?

    Originally posted by CX1329
    Am I getting a good deal?

    Welcome. You really didn't tell us anything that we would be able to base an answer to that question on.

    1. How much?
    2. Contracts?
    3. Where is the school (Country, State, City? etc...)
    4. What is the name of the school?
    5. Does the school have a website?
    6. Who is the head instructor?
    7. Do they have a fight team?
    8. What is there competition record?
    9. Any pro-fighters?
    10. What is the class schedule? how often can you train?


      It's $80 for a whole month, 3 times a week. The classes themselves are one hour long, but students can hang around after classes if they want to do bagwork or something else.

      There are no contracts. It's just pay to train.

      They have no website that I know of, and it's a Brazilian school.

      I have no info on records and the credentials of the instructor, but I do know they compete in full-contact tournaments, at least at the State level. So, they do have a fight team.

      The instructor also teaches Boxing, and the school has BJJ classes too.


        Without knowing the credentials of the instructors it is hard to give an accurate opinion.

        However, giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming they are qualified instructors, $80/month is pretty good (it is actually a bit on the low end for most markets).

        Is that $80/month for JUST the MT or can you jump in on the BJJ and/or Boxing class as well?

        If it is $80/month and you have the ability to take any of the classes they offer then the price is DAMN good.


          There's another instructor for BJJ, so I don't know about BJJ, but I could probably get some boxing advice from him without paying extra. If I wanted to take full classes for any two martial arts, the price would go up to $100.


            yes. it's a bargain.

            and he/she's the best instructor there is.


              I'm just reporting back to say the school is great.

              My first class consisted of stretching and running laps to warm up, kicking and punching the heavy bag, doing pad work, more heavy bag action lasting the equivalent of 3 rounds, doing ab work then skipping rope. Sparring was impossible because the ring had been removed, as the place is undergoing reformations. There was no one else there anyway, I went early in the afternoon and the other students usually go there later.

              I still prefer my old kwoon, though, but I'll only be able to return next year.



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