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300 "punches" gets into Guiness Book

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    Those "martial arts punches" were pretty frightening. No, seriously, if he did the for two minutes I might have a bruise. Maybe.

    I would like to see a boxer take on this "challenge". Someone with years of speed bag experience would destroy this. And probably the chunner holding the focus pad.


      I had a guy at work tell me how some 'master' could throw x hundred of these punches with x amount of power each.

      I said "I doubt he'd do that"

      To which he told me how it would break noses, arms, fingers, hands ... since learning that I do full contact fighting he's completely done a 180 and continously tells me how he wouldn't EVER want to fight me. Because you know, I learn to fight so I can beat up on work colleagues and bully people who say "hi" to me.

      That's how I roll.


        I think you can call this Judo...

        YouTube - Furthest Throw of a Person

        Why punch when you can throw somebody?

        Gentle way my ass, nothing gentle about throwing a motherfucker.


          Uhhhh...who's the babe?

          Edit: Okay, looking past the tits for a moment.

          If that one pissed you guys off, you might just shit yourself:

          YouTube - Most Martial Arts Kicks in 1 Min (using one leg)

          However, this is a little more awesome:

          YouTube - Fastest Time to Punch Ten TV Sets (boxing)
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            God and he's wearing a fucking Kyokushin uniform too :\


              Tommy Carruthers has fast punches

              YouTube - Fast Punches


                Originally posted by ADM
                God and he's wearing a fucking Kyokushin uniform too :\
                Actually he is kyokushin. He is Kenji Midori, legitime tough guy and winner of the 6th kyokushin world tournament back in 1991.
                That stupid stunt was done for publicity and for the enjoyment of the kids. he is better known for kicking like this.
                YouTube - Kyokushin karate speed kick tutorial
                and for knockdown karate fighting
                YouTube - Midori Kenji 5th World Champion Kyokushin Karate

                Dont make the mistake of taking that like how he really kicks, teach kicking or doing anything but stupid stunts.


                  all i saw in the 702 video was a man practicing dual masturbation



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