I started BJJ early this year, and I've enjoyed every bit of it. Before I was in BJJ I started martial arts in a crappy karate dojo... I dont miss the place one bit, but I do miss throwing punches and kicks every now and then. Its gotten worse and worse throwing punches and kicks at my heavy bag just isnt enough... so I went around looking for any options available to me.

My options for a striking art are:

Several TKD schools (some which actually seem decent, and by that I mean I wouldnt want to fuck with the instructor)

A really bad looking Kuk Sol Won school

Some Muay Thai classes taught by BJJ guys

Crappy boxing lessons at YMCA

And a krotty school that I havent been able to check out yet

So the question is, is it even worth investing my time and money in any of these? The most likely scenario here would be the TKD at my BJJ place since it would be a mere $10 extra per month... which would be the best way to work on my striking with the options that I have?