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    Last edited by hitechhillbilly; 6/26/2007 4:00pm, .


      well put hitechillbilly. i wasn't try to start a flame war or anything and i appreciate your words


        Just out of curiosity, dragonman, is English your native language?

        And welcome to Bullshido, in a fashion.


          I would still like to know your specific problem. The CSC are Mcdojo's for the most part. They are directly tied to Sin The who is tied to you.

          You have to realize it is the art of Shaolin-Do. Which is a catch-22. Two years ago when I came here I would say CSC, then have to explain.

          So, Shaolin-Do is what everyone knows as the art created/taught by GMT. This is depending on where you are speaking from not as an insult.


            i understand your points but you have to realize, not setting anyone out, that there are good and bad practioners of all arts and that you can't hold the system accountable for the differences. just because one person in shaolin was awesome does that mean everyone is? No and the opposite just because there are bad students does that mean that everyone is in that art or style no


              Actually, this has been discussed to death.

              You aren't telling me anything I haven't either defended, disagreed with or argued about.

              I'm explaining to you where the bias and mixture come from since, you refuse to tell what specific affront you perceive.



                I received your comment on my profile, but since you haven't posted enough to receive PMs, we can communicate here. I haven't heard from you all in a while either, though I do occassionally run into other members of the JC school. If you've got anything you want to talk about just talk about it here as I'm quite difficult to reach on the phone due to the schedule I keep.

                "Keep a sharp knife, shiny boots and be on time."



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