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Why do ninjas make a big deal about "distance" and "timing"?

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    Originally posted by Yamamoto View Post
    Arigatou thank you for your reply.As stated the list was off an American site this can be clasified as to saying there is Koga ha left(impossible) thank you for post can you be more specific Hedgehogey ie: which group,linage etc....It is better to talk to a few and deal with some of fools it is worth this in between the idiots.I really would like to continue with you and Spooky you both seem knowledgable....Such as Kumo school it is exemplified as cloud school but in Nihonno Kumo means "spider" not cloud even in romaji it is not existant.Same can be said of a Shinobi no dogu Mizugumo as being a water spider through translation if so it would be Mizukumo there is so many falsified interpretations and meaning made up between loss of linage.
    Yamamoto-san, since my PM is not working, could you please send me a message (if by some chance you're using the same e-mail as the one you signed up with on this account and it gives you an e-mail showing that someone replied... nine years later, lol). Unfortunately this seems to be the only way to contact you. Sadder still, everyone is going to be scratching their heads with some random person bumping a nine year old thread. Oh well.



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