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A Whole New World of Gay: Fantasy Pro-wrestling

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    A Whole New World of Gay: Fantasy Pro-wrestling

    In the Sakata thread in MABS, mmafan spoke about an individual known as "Tommy Gunz" who he met at his gym.

    Originally posted by mmafan3450
    Has anyone on here ever heard of a mma fighter who is in his 40's and goes by the name of Tommy Gunz. I met this guy at the gym today and he claims to have started(been one of the first fighters) in the UFC. He dropped all kinds of names and claims to have beaten ken shamrock and joyce gracie. He says there is a book being written about him and made all kinds of other claims about other awards he has won. This guy is Robson Pereira times 100. If any of you guys have ever heard of him or never heard of him ,let me know.
    A search revealed the following:

    Originally posted by mmafan3450
    Ironlurker, I think you may have hit the nail on the head. Now I just need a pic to see if that's the same tommy gunz that's at my gym. When I talked to him he dropped the names of several prowrestlers and said he was good friends with some WWE commentator by the name of TAZ.
    Hmm, seems promising, however mmafan looked into it more:

    Originally posted by mmafan3450
    Ironlurker, I looked all through that link you gave me and signed up for that forum and could not find out a damn thing about tommy gunz. I think those are all roleplay characters that homo fake wrestling fanatics made up. The person who made the profile for that Tommy Gunz may be the Tommy Gunz from my gym. It confused the hell out of me. If you could give me any insight it would be greatly appreciated.
    Homo fake wrestling fanatics? :qgreenjum

    Yes, boys and girls, there is apparently a thriving industry of online fantasy wrestling and outright wrestling RPG's that the "tommy gunz" story has revealed.

    You begin reading the material, and it sounds so detailed, so precise- it captures pro-wrestling so well. As time wears on, however, more reading reveals that wrestling is being captured, yea, it is being captured, but only in the clutched greasy hand within the sweaty shorts of the pimple-faced manboy engaged in frantic frottage.

    =homo fake wrestling fanatics.

    This is pure gold.

    May 28th- Current Trialists & New Members
    Just to note to all you patient new members and trialists, as promised, those of you who have been roleplaying, but were NOT listed on the Heaven & Hell not fret! As there ARE plans to include each and everyone of you devoted individuals onto the show in one form or another, whom of which have been roleplaying. [lol] And for the other trialists, due to the high response and excessive amount of members [lol yup I'd say so too] to the XFC roster, those who fail to produce work will have their trial deal CANCELLED! A clean sweep of all the dead weight amongst the roster and trial roster [those of you who actually got jobs IRL will be stricken!] will be performed after Heaven & Hell airs this week so either show, or be apart of what OZ calls 'Spring Cleaning'.

    May 21st: News & Updates
    The latest edition of XFC Uncovered Presented by Travis Blaine is now available. Bang It Here For the New Uncovered!
    In other news, the XFC has landed in at the #4 spot on Xnet's top 10 shows of the week with After Hourz: Devil's Night II. A bit of a disappointment after coming in at #1 just last week, but that only drives us to bring it up another notch.
    Rumors: A rumor currently going around is that during the XFC's summer tour there are plans to start a World-Wide competition between nations. From the rumors making the rounds, it sounds as though the fighters will team off in an Olympic style challenge to fight for the pride of their respective nations. More details will be noted as they come in.

    Attention to detail is the watchword here, as "Tommy Gunz" -who, in the worst case scenario, may be both mmafan's defeater of Ken Shamrock "in real life" and the creator of the online fake homo wrestling persona:

    "Life. Wrestling. Reality. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. [no shit huh] I've sought all my career to find a pinpoint, a middle ground to seperating life and reality, from my wrestling career. Certainly it's tough, shit ain't no joke. Mingling person affairs with business affairs can become a deadly sin to a mutha fucker in this business...or any business. Yet it seems even the vet's who've been in this game long enough to know better still ain't learned a damn thing.....

    So you've sucked me in've got me to entangle person shit with business've pulled me over the line and into the realm of hell.....I'm here mother fucker....I'm all yours...."

    The sound of a match being flicked is heard, as the flame dances before our eyes....behind the dancing flame are the cold staring eyes of Tommy Gunz. His whereabouts? Unknown.
    [momz is makin stove top tonite] Does he care to elaborate? Probably not. His method to madness in this game has always been the same- straight to the fucking point and nothing less of in-your-face smash mouth style chatter. This is the man that's been outspoken, who's been the wild-child of the industry[told you online RPG wrestling was an industry] for years to come, would you expect anything less now? Fuck no, cus you know when it comes to Tommy G, he ain't about watering it down....expect the explicit and if your a PG-13 type of reader then you'd be best to stop now.....

    Tommy then pulls the lit match from his darkness....only a second later for light to invigurate the entire surround from the lamp to our right. Tommy tosses the match before pulling the camera in closer to his dark brown eyes....these are the eyes that could tell a story with one look.
    [think that's called "come hither"] Look even deeper and see the bloodline flowing within this man, this is a human being that bleeds and sweats this industry, and he's back to tell the never-ending tale.... [k, an rpg character that sweats and bleeds a fictional industry which is based upon an industry based upon fiction, how meta can you get?]

    Tommy G:
    "Scott my old old friend. Do you really feel your getting something accomplished in your inevitable persistant goose chase to finding the person who got you locked up? Will there every be a time in your life that common fucking sense takes control over your enraged emotions and tells your punk ass to chill the fuck out? You just can't let shit be, your gonna be one of those old mutha fuckers walking around the retirement home with your little fucking walking cane, picking fights with some other old fuck about something YOU couldn't let go from 30 years ago. It's funny cus they say that only a real man can forgive and forget, but your attitude lately resembles that of a bitch....always bringing up old baggage, and carrying it around with you....but in the end Punisher, this time around it'll be that baggage that finally brings you down....."

    There's loads more, and even worse, as mmafan suggests, certain individuals may be experiencing, um, difficulties sorting the differences out.

    XFC Superstar, Mike Miller, has been reported to have been rushed to the hospital after being found passed out in his XFC Island Home. Officials are reporting that he had an overdose of LSD and is now being kept in custody for possession of illegal narcotics. There has been no word, as of yet, on wether he will be able to wrestle at Killer Instinct V. We will keep you updated as soon as anymore details come in.

    In other reports, Butch Kennedy was found face down inside a toy store following KI4. He doesn't remember how he got there.

    More news on that as it arrives.

    I can't wait.

    editud for spellzin
    They killed JFK in '63, so what the fuck you think they'll do to me?


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