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anyone know of any celebrity k-1 fans?

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    anyone know of any celebrity k-1 fans?

    stoopid question i know but i am writing an article for work and they want to throw a "celebrity" angle in there. (as they do with everything, in fact - last week i had to work the fact that some ex-new kids on the block guy is having a kid into a piece on mortgages).

    My google foo isnt turning up much. i know there's plenty of big names that pop up at UFC/MMA, but it's K1 specifically i need as the article relates only to them, coz the euro event is on june 23rd.

    thanks in advance for any answers. (except the sarky ones from alex calling me a useles tit or something)

    I think I recall seeing Eric Clapton in the audience for some K-1 Japan events.


      Completely unrelated but it made me laugh.

      Edit - I found this while searching for celebrity k-1 peoples. Wasn't completely random.
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      Originally posted by sochin101
      Dude, whassup? Did they freeze your dick then accidentally use it to cool down a thimble full of water? Or, did you mis-spell crayonist? You know, the guy who makes sure the wax crayons you use aren't too sharp in case you decide to do the decent thing and kill yourself.
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        K-1 in Japan would be quite difficult though I know Japanese rock stars and actors do show up at both Pride and K-1 events. Did you also want to talk about Japanese celebs/TV personalities like Ken Kaneko and Bernard Ackar (spellings?) have stepped into the ring?

        I noticed a few in here
        K-1 Dynamite Invades America?
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          thanks Piz, its got to be more mainstream celebs. the dickheads that i work for are fucking obsessed. My sub in particular just sits on her fat arse reading celeb-spotting magazines like Heat (dunno what the US equialent would be). Anyhoo, i've got something to work with above, so thanks.


            just clocked nicholas cage, that will do nicely



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