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    so our hero off to another chicken wing chun class
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      For some reason, I was unable to rep you for "LeTrene" . . . lol.


        Day 14

        Dear Diary

        Today was crazy. I really don't even know where to begin. First, I wake up to uncle pete putting the nunchuks somewhere I'm not even gonna describe here. I didn't say anything. I just acted like I didn't see it. I'm not sure how to react to that. It's just...wrong to treat weapons of the orient in such a manner. I'm not touching those nunchuks anymore.

        Once we got on the road, we got pulled over and ticketed for an expired license on the RV. Not a big deal to me, since I don't have to pay for it, but I had to listen to Uncle Pete bitch to the trooper, and ask him if he pulled us over because we're NAMBLA. Geez, Uncle Pete. I understand that you're proud to be a Marine Battalion L33t Attacker, but you don't have to bring it up when you're looking at yourself in the lenses of a trooper's RayBans. It's just kinda pretentious.

        It's a wonder the trooper couldn't tell he was drunk.

        Once that was all said and done, we stopped by a gas station just in time for a robber to come running out with a satchel full of cash, a gun, and a ski-mask.

        Did I do anything, you ask?
        He got what he wanted and was leaving. There was no reason for me to destroy him.
        Now, if he'd been still trying to rob the guy, oh hell yeah, I would have crushed him like a bug. Nevermind his gun. The shadow swallows bullets.

        The cops showed up and questioned everybody after the robber left on a bicycle. Of course Uncle Pete had to go off on one of his rants again. The cops had to spray him 3 times, and tazed him twice before he went down. They finally cuffed him and put him in one of the cars. I overheard one of them on the radio, confirming warrants. The trooper walked over to me and asked me for ID. I told him I didn't have any. He asked what my name was and I told him my name was Momochi Sandayu. Being the uneducated idiot he was, I had to repeat it to him several times. He finally gave up and told me to hit the road.

        What about Uncle Pete?

        "He's not going to be out and about for quite awhile, son." the trooper said.


        It seemed kinda weird, because the trooper that pulled us over should have locked up Uncle Pete right then and there when he ran Uncle Pete's license. I guess he gave the trooper a fake Id or something. I dunno.

        So basically I got to keep Uncle Pete's RV. Uncle Pete's on his way to the state pen right now, from what the cop said. To be honest, I don't really care. He kinda creeped me out, and now I can go wherever I want and start my clan over again. I'm thinking of somewhere like Arizona or California. The mountains of California would provide excellent authentic Ninja training, and I could eventually build a monastery there where nobody could ever bother us. The Arizona deserts would be a good, harsh climate to inhabit, and we'd be the first ever Desert Ninjas.

        I've got a lot to think about and a lot to do, diary. I'm going to get some rest. Catch you on the flip side of the shuriken.

        Keep it ninja...
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          yay! things are coming up ninja!


            fes,donn't post in between the stories allt he time,now tom kagan has to makea whole summery thread again...geesh..


              Originally posted by Lebell
              fes,donn't post in between the stories allt he time,now tom kagan has to makea whole summery thread again...geesh..
              it was Steve. not Tom Kagan, asshole.

              and it's better for the writer to know that we've read his work.


                oh he knows,dont worry.

                and dont call me an!


                  Originally posted by Lebell
                  oh he knows,dont worry.

                  and dont call me an!
                  no. he doesn't.

                  and as a Shinkengata nuttrider, i shall continue to bump up this thread so that the whole world will know the legend that is the Teenage Ninja.

                  you asshole:inlove:


                    damnit look what you have done! you made me cry!!!
                    tears all over my keyboard..


                      Originally posted by Lebell
                      damnit look what you have done! you made me cry!!!
                      tears all over my keyboard..
                      awesome. i'm usually only able to make guys cry through their penises.


                        Shinkengata, as ever your work is pure awesomeness. Keep it up!

                        lebell and kids better stop bickering. or else. seriously...


                        meh. forget it, carry on. *grabs some popcorn*


                          Good stuff! Keep it up!


                            Day 16

                            Dear Diary,

                            It's been a couple of days since Uncle Pete got arrested and taken away. I've been driving around, just looking for a place to set up residency and possibly start my sect and get some $$ and manpower pouring in. I'm gonna need it soon. The only food I got left is half a jar of peanut butter, some bread, and a box of croutons.

                            So I've got the basic layout here of the Nintenjutsu Ryu. This is how it goes:

                            Nintenjutsu Ryu of Ninjas

                            Founded in 2007 by Shodai Soke Toshiro Yoroi (My Taken Name)

                            School Colors: Black, Red, and Gray.

                            School symbol: Two hands with a chi-ball between them and a small shuriken inside the chi ball.

                            Style Ranks

                            10th Kyu - White belt - Homo
                            9th Kyu - Yellow Belt - Loser
                            8th Kyu - Orange Belt - Greenhorn
                            7th Kyu - Red Belt - Beginner
                            6th Kyu - Green Belt - Still Beginner
                            5th Kyu - Blue Belt - Novice
                            4th Kyu - Camouflage Belt - Ninja In Training
                            3rd Kyu - Brown Belt - Ninja Embryo
                            2nd Kyu - Light Grey Belt - Ninja Fetus
                            1st Kyu - Dark Grey Belt - Unborn Ninja
                            1st Dan - Newborn Ninja
                            2nd Dan - Middle Ninja
                            3rd Dan - Grown Ninja
                            4th Dan - Powerful Ninja
                            5th Dan - Shadow Ninja
                            6th Dan - Dim Mak Ninja
                            7th Dan - Wing Chun Master Ninja
                            8th Dan - D34dly N1NJA
                            9th Dan - Master Ninja
                            10th Dan - Grandmaster Ninja
                            11th Dan - O'Dai Master
                            12th Dan - Shodai O'Dai
                            13th Dan - Soke
                            14th Dan - Shodai Soke

                            So yeah that's the completed outline of the style. I'm working on the curriculum, but I can't write it here. Too many pages. I'm thinking of having it published so all my students will have to buy it in order to learn, and I won't have to teach so much. Maybe I could sell it on Amazon or something. I heard you can sell a book for like, $275 there and people would buy it. That would be sw33t.


                            I just pulled into this nice little podunk town out out west here. It looks like a great place to set up operations. There are no Sport fighter gyms here, which is sweet. Just a small TKD school run by a deaf guy. Maybe I should go see if his students are interested in the deadlier arts. I'm gonna go do that, then I'm gonna go drop by McDonald's for a 99 cent burger. I found some change between the RV mattress.

                            Keep it Ninja


                              Hey, waitaminute....

                              .....I WAS the awsome camoflauge belt with the totally bitchin' "HIM" logo with a pentagram.

                              Now that ranking has me BELOW a ninja fetus and a Wing Chun Master?!?!?!?!?!

                              What a gyp!


                                Day 17

                                Dear Diary,

                                Today was a pretty good day. I went and hung out in front of K-Mart in full Grandmaster uniform with a sign that advertised Nintenjutsu Ryu sign-ups. I had a couple of the stock boys sign up. They're gonna come to training in the park three times a week. Hopefully I can whip them into shape....Ninja shape. I also got a big fat IT guy interested. He asked if I taught Lightsaber, to which I replied "No", but I did tell him that the Lightsaber movements were based on the Katana. He said sweet, and signed up.

                                So...first day...3 students. Not bad. I'll give em a bunch of literature to pass around and get some more students.

                                As a side note, I went by the TKD school a couple hours ago and tried to talk to the deaf guy, but I couldn't talk to him, because he has to read lips, and I wasn't about to take off my hood and mask. I can't risk anyone recognizing my face at the moment. So I have to keep it Kim.

                                I went by the building supply store on my way back home and picked up some rope and a sheet of corrugated metal to make shurikens. Corrugated metal shurikens look h3lla sweet.
                                So, tonight, I'll work on the literature for my 3 students, and get started on tomorrow's lesson plan.

                                New town, new people. Stick around, diary. I have a feeling that shit is about to get REAL interesting.

                                Keep it Radford.
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