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Hello. New to MA, BS, and Seattle.

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    Hello. New to MA, BS, and Seattle.

    Hi. One of those is not entirely true. I did a little BJJ and Muay Thai in Seattle, but so far my impression of MA in Seattle has been that it's somewhat disappointing on the whole, but particularly with respect to Muay Thai.

    I have a pretty good idea of what I'm looking for, and that's primarily a stronger base in Muay Thai or something similar and just as straightforward. I'm also looking for a particular environment for doing that. In San Diego it was a small gym with excellent instructers, a lot of personal attention, and $75 a month. Alright, not so easy to find; I can accept that. But as far as making due with what I've got, I'd still like to try to make the best choice I can.

    I'm on a budget, but am at the same time looking for a place where I can efficiently improve my ability. What I've seen a lot around here with kickboxing are "cardio kickboxing classes," and while I don't deny that cardio is important, when it becomes the focus of the entire class it becomes more of a daily exercise routine for people looking for a way to "unwind." Obviously I'd prefer some one-on-onel attention too, but it seems difficult to find that up here without getting into the arena of "private lessons" which are insane price-wise.

    I wouldn't mind a little BJJ off to the side, but as I have somewhat of a wrestling background (just because my dad was a coach for 13 years or so, and always used to wrestle with me), it comes a lot more naturally to me. So it's not really what I'm looking for at this point. I've considered the possibilty of Krav Maga, since outside of mere enjoyment and self-improvement my motivation would be self-defence. I'm planning on doing some traveling around the world, and I'd like to be able to take care of myself. Carrying a weapon wouldn't be an option for me as it would just make things difficult, and I'm not really too fond of the idea anyways. I'd like to emphasize that my strong preference would be Muay Thai as I've already done two months of it, and I like it quite a bit.

    If anyone has any experience with the area (Seattle), general advice, or just wants to take the opportunity to welcome me to your community here I'd appreciate it!

    For Muay Thai/kickboxing, check out Ivan Salaverry's gym in Seattle proper. Other than that MKG does a little I think, and there's AMC Pankration in Kirkland, or Charlie Pearson's group up in the north end. I help run the local LESKAS Filipino Martial Arts group, and will occasionally work some Thai boxing, but it is definitely not our main focus, which is really stickfighting.

    Besides Muay Thai, you could look into Keith Hill's Kyokushin club at Seattle U in Capitol Hill. He's got a lot of competitive fighters.

    For grappling I train at Seattle Jujutsu/ Sea-Town Sombo, run by Aaron Fields. You could also take a look at the local Gracie Barra chapter in the Tully's building, or Brian Johnsons Northwest Jiujitsu group, whom I've heard good things about.


      Most of those look like solid places to train, but $130 a month is pushing it for me. Taking classes at the U is an interesting idea. The price is right, but how much would you get out of them comparatively? Also, Mateo's Kajukenbo looks great, I'll definitely check it out when I move up to the U District in like a month. Little far from where I am now (Bellevue). Thanks for the suggestions guys. It's a lot easier to figure out what's good from people that know something about it, than trying to sort through a bunch of listings myself of places I've never been to.


        If you're moving to U-District, you've got no excuse not to come work out with us at Seattle Jujutsu club ;) I know it's not Muay Thai, but damn if it won't get you in shape and teach you about grappling... (And it's cheap!)

        Also, seminar coming up:
        07/07/07 - 07/08/07 Muay Thai Seminar with Ajarn Chai Sirisute at NW Kali/JKD (253)838-1414

        That would be down south at Chris Clarke's JKD school in Federal Way.
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          I wouldn't be opposed to learning some Judo. :)


            Originally posted by gismodog
            Taking classes at the U is an interesting idea. The price is right, but how much would you get out of them comparatively? Also, Mateo's Kajukenbo looks great, I'll definitely check it out when I move up to the U District in like a month.

            The Seattle University Kyokushin club is not a uni class, it's just a club based out of the university. The dues are cheap because it's not for profit and they use the uni's facilities. It's solid Kyokushin if that's something you're interested in. It's not at UW though (U District) it's at Seattle University in the Central District.


            As far as I've been able to figure out, MKG is a non-sparring very JKD style environment. I don't know anyone who trains there, I just looked at it as a potential club at one point and passed due to the lack of sparring. That's not definitive, though, so double check.


            There is a small MMA club in the U-District area that doesn't get much press. No famous names or comp team or anything. I worked out there for a few months at one point and enjoyed it quite a lot. You can PM me for info on this place ifyou want.

            As far as grappling, Seattle Jujutsu is non profit also and runs about half $$ what any other grappling club will.

            I will second, third, whatever that Gracie Barra and Northwest Jiu Jitsu club are well liked by their students. I know quite a few great guys who train out of those places and really like their instructors.

            Oscar Goldman
            Originally posted by Dinosaur AMP
            You just can't go wrong when your getting armbar'd to Flogging Molly while a fire fighter is cursing at you in the background. Good stuff!


              I'll let you guys know before I stop by Seattle Jujutsu.


                I'll third the resommendation for Seattle Jujutsu. I recently trained there for about 3 weeks and now train with one of their black belts out in Spokane. You can't go wrong there.


                  Originally posted by gismodog
                  I'll let you guys know before I stop by Seattle Jujutsu.
                  Alright, I lied about letting anybody know first, but I did stop by yesterday (Monday). I'm sure if you were there you'd know who I am.


                    If you are still looking for stand up training (traditional karate, but not so when it comes to sparring), you can visit where I train anytime:

                    Ryno knows it.


                      Yep. Steve's instructor is totally legit, and they're good fighters as well as a really nice group. They've been gracious enough to let my FMA club ( ) rent space from them for the last year, and they've been great club partners.

                      Gismodog, I missed you at the Jujutsu club, as I'm usually a Sunday/occasional Thursday guy. Did you get a chance to work out or just observe?


                        It's a good club, and a great place to learn, but honestly I don't think I'm going to continue with it. I just don't enjoy it that much. I'm thinking about pursuing some other interests.



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