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Kim Jong Ils bodygurads...

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    Kim Jong Ils bodygurads...

    Yes I did search and didn't find the video anywhere...

    but seriously WTF is that at 26 seconds?

    Had a near scuffle with president Wahid's (of Indonesia) body guards some years back. It could have been quite ugly.
    I was on a fifty man honour guard that greeted him with the usual ridicolously polished drill when he got off the plane in NZ.
    When he and his entourage approached the limo, two of our guys march up to it and in sequenced drill open the doors to allow him to enter the vehicle. As soon as one of our guys hands touched the door handle, one of Wahid's guards shoved him quite ruffley out of the way.
    A motionless wave of anger went thru the whole honour guard (with our large, sharp bayonets). No one moved, but you could actually feel everyone suddenly tense up.
    But luckily everyone held their discipline in check or there would have been quite a notable international incident.
    There was already a lot of ill feeling towards the indonesian military and governement since the killing of one of our soldiers less than a year before by pro indonesian timorese militia fighters who had been trained by the indonesian army both before and after the rampage that sent the tiny country into chaos. Again.


      I think they are lifting those concrete circles either with their teeth or they are strapped to their heads. I have no fucking idea why they are numbered tho.

      Is it me or does that target move before the guy shoots at :54?
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        Il isnt known for blatant Communistic style propaganda.


          They're just trying to make their guys look like
          Jet Li or some kinda crap like that.

          Again, bullets beat letting shitless guys break sticks
          on your arms any day.

          Of course, the alternate reality in which Kim Jong (mentally) IL lives,
          these guys can protect him against the Great Satan. In his
          sick mind, these guys are the super north korean ninjer/cyborgs
          that will deliver him safely from capitalism.

          And colonelpong, too bad your honor guard didn't waste those
          lousy bastards. You were just trying to be nice and get the
          door. Fuck 'em. Apparently phrases like "excuse me" or
          "here, let me do it" don't exist for the Wahid's body guards.
          Sorry for the loss of your fellow soldier.


            since those fuckers practically live next door to me. ive been researching the enemy. some of the material is interesting like the juche ideology.

            those bodyguards are overated agents of propaganda.......they do have some skills but they're not as pumped up as thier propaganda make them out to be.

            but in thier brainwashed and institutionalized minds they think they are teh de4dly

            sometimes we joke about them at work......"if u end up in a h2h situation an they come at u with that ITF taekwondo shit, just grab thier leg, kick out the knee cap of the other leg an crush thier larynx with an RNC"



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