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Newbie here. Just doing some research.

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    Newbie here. Just doing some research.

    Howdy all.
    Thought I'd drop in here and say hi.

    I suppose you use this thread to introduce yourself and experience/reason for being here.

    I was 3 years in Sport TKD until I found out I didnt know how to handle myself
    when a fight went to the ground and that a well placed spinning back kick doesn't
    do you any good when you can't get out of a nelson to do it..

    Kind of laid off until I started formally training in a derivative of Modern Arnis
    about 3 years ago(Blue II if rank matters) and infomally sparring/training at the gym
    with other various practitioners.

    Main reason I'm here is out of curiosity into the "drama' or "politics" of why my instructor decided to branch away from modern arnis right after Remy Presas passed away.

    I find it very enlightening. Bullshido doesn't pull any punches and doesn't deal with the
    forced politeness many in martial arts deal with when discussing arts. People say whats on their mind.

    In a way, Isn't it interesting how closely the emotional investment, anger, and venom spat when "debating" martial arts theories/styles are very similar to how heated religious debates play out.

    or maybe its not just a consequence of the insecure and everyone's just jaded.

    either way,
    I appreciate this forum and I hope to contribute in some worthwhile way.

    I'd appreciate if people know of(and can point me to) any significant (large/interesting) threads with regards to the political BS with regards to modern arnis.

    welcome to bullshido!



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