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    Start a profile for your own school right in here!

    I usually do not start threads in this forum, but something came to mind this week as i was training.

    We often point to schools and mock them for their obvious faults. We tell people to question these schools and sometimes give them a list of questions. Pretty much everyone here believes their school is a good school (most people would not through money away for fun). I think it would be interesting to list one thing about your school that you like and one that you do not like. This way we can see what is tolerable and what is not. For example someone might say "We have to wear bright red gi's with pink and blue flamingos". Assuming that is a negative, we can see whether or not this is a deal breaker for most people.

    It is eas yto mock schools, but it may not help people who are looking for information. So here it goes

    My Judo School:
    LIKE: My instructor knows I do BJJ and am better at it than Judo right now. He allows leeway in randoori which allows me to use some of my previous training to excel in judo. He is not overly concerned with USJF rules (unless we are heading towards competition time)

    DISLIKE: My main dislike is other students who think Judo is solely a sport and play to rules rather than for fighting. I can live with this since most of the students are hardcore. But the occasional, "I'll just wait for the ref to call matte" really drives me nuts

    My SBG
    LIKE: Instructor is focused on baseline skills. I am doing alot of drills I have never done before and probably should have in my first 6 months of BJJ. Instructor stresses base skills as a way to exploit strength instead of exploiting strengths and finding some techniques that might work

    DISLIKE: The 'C' word--Contract. I had to sign a rather long term contract. But the price is reasonable, the instructor is top notch with very strong MT and BJJ instructors. He is flexible with class attendance and runs the school in a very business like manner ( this is a pro not a con).

    I hope this thread does not seem to hokey.
    There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.

    Current school Likes: Great treaning methodology, good class sizes, a UFC veteran owns the school and teaches the classes reasonably often considering his schedule. In general love it all.

    Dislikes: The freakin schedules. My class runs 5:30 to 6:30 mon-thurs, this requires me to get off of work a half hour early to make it out there. Which means I haven't been able to make class in almost 2 months because of how busy we've been at work. SUCK. hopefully I'll be able to work something out in April and make it back to class.


      A school I trained at for a couple of trial sessions but decided not to go after that. It was a close call though and outside factors like work and weather played a part.

      Grappling lessons. Skill level and Aliveness wasn't up there with other places I've seen but it was fun enough and miles ahead of most mainstream schools.

      The deal breakers:
      The karate gi with logos and patches. The fake discipline and formality. I've moved on from all that crap and really surprised myself at how pissed off I can get over something so immaterial. It's like they are insulting their student's intelligence.
      You are a total Douchbag. Train more, post nevermore.
      FickleFingerOfFate -08-21-2007 08:59 AM

      just die already.
      Plasma - 08-20-2007 11:45 PM

      Best MA website ever!!!!!:


        At my last school,

        LIKE: Nothing. That's primarily why I stopped going.

        DISLIKE: Very little sparring, teaching BJJ without having any rank in BJJ (I think they are working on acquiring rank with Carlos Machado now), the addition of an MMA program with no one having an MMA background (has since been removed), long-term expensive contracts for classes that are only 45 minutes long, not really challenged with the material (mostly grab my wrist/lapel/collar type shit).


          my school
          like: good teaching, no bullshido, lots of people actually fight...
          bad: not enough sparring classes a week(only 2), not enough dojo space, too many timeslots taken up by karate to the detriment of BJJ/MT


            I like that my boss is my sensei. I like the deep discount. When there is sparring and grappling classes are enjoyable.

            However... right around testing time sparring goes out the window because belt tests only require knowledge of the different katas and forms. And there seems to be alot of testing lately. Sigh...

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              Likes: No belts/sashes/tests.....we learn forms, but we're shown various ways to APPLY what's in the forms, and told that nothing is a surefire way to beat anyone.....not a word about Chi's effectiveness in fighting....we're encouraged to cross-train at a BJJ school and get great discounts on those classes (vice versa for the BJJ guys)

              Dislikes: Not nearly enough sparring...not too much equipment yet since it is a new-ish school.


                Likes: focus on fighting; system is short and sweet and minus fluff; instructor is good from a line I am familiar with.

                Dislikes: pain in the ass to travel to; too much talk about the esoteric for my taste; not all students spar, of those that do, few enjoy it.


                  I run my own here are some comments...

                  Likes: We have all range of students from recreational to sambo/grappling enthusiasts to LEO to MMA fighters (pro and am). We recently increased our class schedule from 5 to 8 classes per week. We offer training in all ranges (ground, takedowns, weapons, striking, sambo, MMA). No contracts. We don't have a elitest attitude regarding what we do or between more or less experienced students. We have fair prices for NYC. Small intimate classes (generally no more than 10 people per class). No egos from the students. We all function as a team and really rally for anyone who is training for a competition or fight. We have students of all experience levels (and from different styles). We train very hard. We have a good space, good equipment, and good cross training relationships with many other gyms.

                  Dislikes: My main dislike is that our club is still only 4 years old and I have only now gotten to the point where I can have senior students substitute teach for me if I travel. I often travel to teach seminars, train myslef, or corner fighters. This has generally resulted in class cancellations several time a year - which I don't like to do. However, this year, for the first time I don't need to do that. Another dislike is the lack of female students. We have a few, but not as much as I would like. I would also like to offer daytime classes but, it is not possible right now with my schedule. I would also like to offer a children's program, but just don't have the time to do it.
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                    Likes - Experienced instructor. Has trained with Cesar and Ralph Gracie along with Cassio Werneck. Since training BJJ with him, my ground game has improved leaps and bounds. He is also a black in Judo as well as having another Judo black belt in the class who has medaled in Judo Pan-Am competition. We also have a couple of guys with some serious wrestling under their belts so it gives us a good standup game to use.

                    Dislikes - We are part of a Kenpo Karate School so that means their stuff comes first as it is what pays the bills. You know, birthday parties, lots of kids, all that good stuff. With the conflict between the instructor and the school in terms of scheduling, classes are only 2 days a week, with every other Saturday being open mat. Primarily Gi based training. One year contracts. I don't like them but you gotta do what you gotta do.

                    Notes: The classes are mostly Gi, but we will start doing No-Gi every other Monday starting this Monday. A SBG is opening up soon, and I will be going there on the days when I'm not doing BJJ at my current place. Even though there are contracts as my current place, my price for classes have stayed the same. Also, EFT is not madatory so I can pay with cash or credit/debit. Don't have to worry about some EFT company double dipping into my account.


                      like= well its judo, judo is great fun

                      -too much of the lesson is eaten up by "warm-ups" (its a great warmup, but over the top, i pay my money for judo, not pushups)
                      -not enough time spent on "different" things. eg, alternate grips/standing to groundwork transitions/no-gi judo throws

                      overall i am happy with my club, i'm just being picky


                        Likes- Good Hard ass instructor, pushes you to your limits, very traditional in the respect/physical/no comprimises to weakness,

                        Not Mcdojolized at all,
                        Good balance between workout/kata/bunkai/ partner drills / basics/ free sparring/self defence

                        Great no nonsense stuff
                        Realizes his art his not the be all end all.....

                        Dislikes- More partner drills so my takedown/lock is as instictive as my high block /reverse punch, and with that speed will come in those things

                        Kick/punch some pads


                          Thanks for all the input. I agree with roly about long warmup. But for me it is the only part of the day that gives me some strength/cardio time. But our classes are two hours, but it ends up being an over all small art of class. (for the judo)
                          There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.


                            I just moved this thread from MABS. It was a little shaky for that forum but I was curious how it would develop.

                            Ultimately, the thread didn't get better and the lure of giving it this new title was too much for me to resist.
                            Calm down, it's only ones and zeros.
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                              Well God forbid we try to find out what makes a good school. I guess it is back to:

                              "Hey look I found this random web site Aren't they funny. Th3y t3h sux0rz. They aren't anywhere near me, I don't know anyone who trains there. But I thought it would be worthwhile to post the site here so we can all mock them."

                              On that note
                              There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.



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