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    Originally posted by Ming Loyalist
    it is. well, there is no monkey in hung ga(r) the other animal is leopard.

    but if you expect to see animal posing during fights, then, again, you are woefully uninformed about the style.

    you can click the link at the top right of my post (looks like a red and white house) to see a description of my school.

    as far as the animal thing goes, the faster you stop thinking that they are "techniques" and start thinking of them as "fighting philosophies", the faster you will begin to understand real kung fu fighting.

    the crane is focused on loose whipping attacks, often combining the block and the strike in one movement. there is also a good deal of evasive angle work in crane. you can see a lot of crane theory at work in muay thai, although they don't know it for the most part.

    tiger is all about direct linear attacks down the center line. often tiger implies open palm strikes with the possibility of raking the face, but that is way less important than the concept of aggressive attacking and straight linear movement.

    dragon is all about twisting and changing levels. i see a lot of dragon in how boxers slip punches.

    i could go on, but i won't. i think you may get the picture.

    oh and btw, most hung ga(r) schools don't "get it" either, unfortunately.
    Shit, I've been asking what the heck all these animals are for eons. Now I'm beginning to see the light. Blame it on watching too many kung-fu movies when I was a kid.

    Good thread, btw.
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      Originally posted by El Macho
      Shit, I've been asking what the heck all these animals are for eons. Now I'm beginning to see the light. Blame it on watching too many kung-fu movies when I was a kid.
      The truly unfortunate thing, however, is that many, many kung fu teachers don't understand these concepts and instead encourage their students to mimic the animals, not their methods...

      I knew a guy once who, while doing "monkey boxing," literally started grooming himself... Licking his wrists, preening his hair, etc., all while allegedly "fighting." I was just waiting for the poo flinging to start...




        Yeah, it puzzled me how you might take up a dragon stance and mimic the atributes of a mythical creature. I read somewere that the Chinese belived that each animal gave them certain goals to aim for, similar to how native Americans would cal up animal spirits to aide them. The tiger giving strength of bone, and the dragon giving courage and spirit for example. That still makes more sense than pracing around acting like an animal.


          Sorry, but do Sanda/sanshou count as chinese boxing, or no relation?


            sanda and san shou are really more of a rule set rather than a style.

            many types of chinese boxing are practiced in san shou fights.
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                Him not telling you the style is bullshit.


                  If it's an old Northern Shaolin Style, THE INSTRUCTOR is to young to know it.

                  That's quite insulting.


                    Too young to know it? What an odd thing to say. I know what style I do even though I wasn't around in 1836.

                    Doesn't northern Shaolin tend to have kicks more like TKD or savate (chambering and snapping) than like muay thai? I'm more familiar with the southern styles.


                      I know I heard/read that northern styles were developed to unseat mounted opponents, wheather thats true or not I don't know, sounds abit too TKD to be true. Why kick someone when you can stuff a spear in thier face face? I think it was a mixture, as he did describe it a chinese and thai boxing. Im looking into a boxing gym and thiers apprently a judo club near me as well, that way I can learn how to punch propperly, even if im stuck with karate kicks which arn't that bad if practiced right.


                        the lady on animal planet said this (a show on kungfu and animals):

                        one place has alot of rice, they use punches since they are firmly planted in mud

                        the other place is cold so they move around alot. heavy coats prevent alot of hand movements so they focus more on footwork and kicks

                        in a very general way it makes sense northern and southern
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