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Have you ever heard of this guy? Or, presenting something substantial for MABS?

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    Have you ever heard of this guy? Or, presenting something substantial for MABS?

    There is even a video.

    Please Post in MABS something more substantive on your next attempt ...y ou know, like presenting an investigation or something. Thank you in advance,

    Tom Kagan
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    The Seven Winds Flying Fist System

    The Seven Winds Flying Fist System is a fairly new system, but the arts we teach are hundreds of years old. The Flying Fist System was founded on June 29, 1973 by Grandmaster Henry Cook, who is well versed in the field of martial arts. His knowledge consists of Judo, Chung Do Kwan, Tae Kwan Do, Jujitsu, and three different styles of Kung Fu, including Wing Chun. Grandmaster Cook has over of 43 years of practice in martial arts.

    He expressed that his past experiences in martial arts have taught him that in order to deal with emergency self defense situations properly and effectively, one should have knowledge of a combination of fighting arts.

    This is the principle and foundation of the Flying Fist System. This was also the training procedure of the famed Shaolin Temple . A structure or system will only be as good as its foundation. Grandmaster Cook believes if one learns the basic, you can build your own fighting system. One of the reasons for this system is to introduce the enthusiast to a number of different fighting arts.

    In this system one will learn the continuous flow of Wing Chun, the gentle way of Judo and the spiritual harmony of Aikido. The first and most basic will be Wing Chun Kung Fu, the Art of Simplicity. Also in this system you will be versed in the anatomy such as pressure points, nerve centers, etc.

    In our system, our objectives are to aid you in obtaining concentration, self discipline, control of mind and body, and inner peace. In this system you will learn a great deal about having harmony with others and respect for your fellow man. Also in this system we hope to promote good health and long life. All students will be encouraged to work cooperatively with instructors and fellow students to meet the stated objectives. We will concentrate only on those techniques that are simple to learn, flexible enough to be used in a variety of situations, and most importantly, highly workable and effective. We will teach what is practical, considering the amount of free time you can spend in this course and your individual degree of skill.
    The site is pretty thin on system and school info and is not very clear on what exactly this guys direct experience is in each of the styles which form the "foundation" for his system.

    The most obvious discrepancy is that he states that his system involves some principles of Aikido but he does not list any Aikido training.

    Blindfury, what do you know about this guy or his system and why are you bringing him up.


      His internet existance goes back at least to 2005 so I would suggest that he's a real person teaching at the least, Wing Chun or a strain of some kind - note the reply where someone says they are a student.

      However, there is no obvious evidence to support his claim to various halls of fame: other than his own site and related sites. Whatever hall of fame he is a member of it isn't famous.
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        He says he has been training in the martial arts for for 40+ years yet he gives no detailed info on who he has trained under in all of those years.
        Seems a bit sketchy to me.
        He claims to be named three times to Black Belt's Hall Of Fame.Is he talking about the magazine "Black Belt"?

        P.S. Seems Like Everyone Wants to Be A Grandmaster In This Day & Age Of The Internet !!!!!!!


          the real deal

          I know GMC personally, and I can tell you that he is the epitome of "no bullshit martial arts". He not only does martial arts as naturally as most people walk, he is a very very skilled teacher who can read an individuals needs and help them develop a program specifically designed for that person to maximize efficient time and effort needed to develop skills and overcome deficits. The consequence of this type of training when in its full
          form is usually more pain and hard work than most "martial artist" really bargain for. The sad fact is that most martial arts training is so diluted so as to fit the palate of a softer civilization, that much of its effectiveness and benefits are never realized to those who proclaim them. When you meet someone who has genuinely "absorbed" the principals they have worked for, it becomes a natural part of them. You can see it and feel it when in their presence. Grandmaster Cook is of a disappearing breed of true martial arts teachers who teach not only the techniques of their "style", but the foundational principles that underly the arts, and that the gift of the arts comes with a responsibility that one must live by on a daily basis. You see, the martial arts isn't just another "thing" for the people of material society to posses, its a complete way of life.

          You can find video's of GMC online at Utube. He teaches out of Louisville Kentucky. Interested persons may inquire for more information from his FaceBook page.


            I have nothing to add to this discussion, but wanted to subscribe as i am familiar with Henry Cook.


              Thread necro and a first time poster replying. Classic.


                That's actually very common. You just don't see it as much because, they are normally in MABS.


                  So people google their name to see if someone is saying shit about them and then reply to it under a false name years later in a desperate attempt to restore their credibility?

                  That's just sad.


                    People google their names.
                    People google their schools.
                    Sometimes it is a student.
                    Sometimes it is the actual person.
                    Sometimes is is just a friend.

                    People get upset post once and leave all of the time.


                      Damn! Didn't realize I was sucked in that easily.



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