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    Denver Metro Area

    Do any of you Bullshidites live anywhere in the Denver Metro area? If so, I'd like to find a grappler (Judo or BJJ) to cross-train with.


    "STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!!" Ghandi (or somebody)

    Don't live in Denver anymore, but I have a coupla suggestions:

    1) Dave Cox in Greenwood Village. He teaches judo, a coupla old jujutsu styles, and silat (or at least he usedta).

    2) The Northglenn judo club (they're probably still in the rec center) also have some good guys (Sam Hashimoto and another tough old fart). I'd imagine they're still around.

    I dunno about any Brazilian stuff.


      Sheldon Marr at Grapplers Edge in Denver.

      Also, I have a 2nd Dan in American Jujitsu...I'll roll with ya.


        fragbot: thanks
        kempoist: How comprehensive is American Jujitsu? How is it different than Brazillian?
        Comprehensive on takedowns and counters? Comprehensive groundfighting? Are you the instructor at grappler's edge?

        Basically, I know shite 'bout groundfighting. Would like to know more, but especially want to learn to counter takedowns.

        "STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!!" Ghandi (or somebody)


          Nope...I have no affliation with Grapplers Edge other than being a student of Mr. Marr's when he was teaching at the sherrif's academy. I am, however, an instructor of my own school in Littleton.

          AJJ is pretty comrehensive in my biased opinion. My knowlege of BJJ is pretty limited to seeing the first few UFC's and what's coming at me from the other side of the ring lately.

          AJJ spend a fair amout of time on working within the clinch. Counter takedows are apporached as either "jamming" the throw or doing what's called a sacrafice where you allow yourself to be taken down but you take control of your opponents angle, making then take the brunt of the fall. Once on the ground, chokes, armbars and leg locks are pretty much the standard fare.

          The (much maligned) Kempo style I study has quite a bit of the Chinese Seizing art of Chin Na and I've had pretty good success incorporating that into my ground work. I actually won a macth a while ago while stuck in someones guard by pinning his head to my chest with one arm and applying pressure to a muscle group in his neck with my other hand.

          Pain compliance is a beautiful thing ;)

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            I'd forgotten about Sheldon Marr. That's a definitely useful option.

            Anyone know anything about Dennis Palumbo's hakka ryu? I always intended on stumbling by his school, but Aurora was never my thing.


              I've been at Grappler's Edge for awhile and have met Mr. Palumbo. When I first moved to Colorado, I checked out a dozen or more schools in a search for my new dojo (I'd trained for a few years elsewhere).

              When I met Palumbo and asked about working out with his students, he gave me the old schtick about his techniques being "too dangerous for a new student to try live." Mind you, I'd been training in jujitsu (JJJ) and seidokan aikido for years. I told him: "I know how to tap." but he insisted his techniques were so quick and efficient that I would likely be hurt, blah blah blah...

              He may be a good instructor (although I dont believe he even has a school anymore) but his demeanor and refusal to let me go live with his students turned me off.

              Sensei Marr on the other hand invited me to come train with his students as soon as I contacted him. Sure enough, I got to roll with his guys full speed and got chewed up pretty good but had a great time in the process. Everyone trained hard and was respectful and they even offered me a beer after class. My kinda place!

              If you want to learn straight BJJ, wrestling, or Judo... Grapplers is NOT the school for you. Coach Marr has a wrestling and Judo background. There are other high level (Iowa full scholarship, under Gable no less) wrestlers, BJJ guys, etc. there. The school borrows liberally from all and uses what works on most people most of the time.

              Yeah, you'll develop a smoother submission game faster if you went to a pure BJJ school but guarantee a pure BJJ player would have one hell of a time getting you to the ground. We have the best wrestlers in the state outside of the OTC period. Sprawling and takedown defense are well taught and much practiced at GE.

              Sheldon, Jim Bacon, and Bert Griggs are all former Olympic caliber judoka, so you know the throws and defense to them are well taught as well. If takedown defense is something you're looking for, GE is your school.

              I can guarantee you a few things. First, you'll get a great workout everytime you enter the dojo. Secondly, you can try every style taught there (Grappling, muay thai, and boxing) for free. If you dont like it, it cost you nothing more than a few hours. Finally, you'll not find another school of this caliber at this price in the Denver Metro Area.



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