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    In thread 50,000 the Judo playes pull guard on the BJJ guys

    In thread 50,000 the pocket flashlight is the ultimate self defence weapon

    In thread 50,000 Chuck Lidell's sprawl is no longer undefeatable but his ground skills are so great he doesn't care

    In thread 50,000 people are banned from Bullshido for arguing with Phrost

    In thread 50,000 Chuck Norris reveals the greatest secret of all: How to deliver a roundhouse kick via the Internet

    In thread 50,000 we finally find a cure for cancer
    (In acordance with the prophecy:

    In thread 50,000 Alex changes his name back to Ikken.

    In thread 50,000 you really can learn the deadly secrets of the aincient Shaolin monkey style for just $125.00 US (Plus postage and packaging)

    In thread 50,000 James Rhadi pays out his $10,000

    In thread 50,000 the cream of the UFC crop go up against the cream of the Pride crop (And win :lookround )

    In thread 50,000 the Wing Chun lineage wars flare up again and the skies glow red reflecting the fires as the earth burns

    In thread 50,000 kata really ARE an exercise in timing

    In thread 50,000 the Ninja's finally beat the Pirates

    In thread 50,000 I'm actually funny

    In thread 50,000....


      Originally posted by DAYoung
      Lights Out's post deserves a free supporting membership, courtesy of Phrost on the 50,000th thread.

      All those in favour, say 'aye'.
      Shut the hell up and train.


        in thread 50,000

        thigh pinching and hair pulling are legitimate deterrents to grappling.

        Lava and broken glass flow like water in the streets, stunning shumorgorath and other proponents of grappling arts

        Bruce Lee will rise from the dead and admit he was wrong about the MMA approach in JKD and will once again study _ing _hun. This will lead to a massive response in the Christian community as "his will be done".

        The FDA will finally endorse the penis enlargement medication people have been telling me about in my hotmail account.

        Allan Greenspan will do the same for the mortgage offers they sent also.

        Phil Elmore will be revealed to have a magnificent, powerful physique and was only wearing a fat suit as: "the best defense is a secret offense."

        Awsome sports scrapbooking selection. Great customer service.


          In thread # 50, 000...

          Lights Out is given Admin status surpassing Phrost.


            Originally posted by jubei33
            Awsome sports scrapbooking selection. Great customer service.
            Apparently, in thread 50k, jubei33 will be posting his latest eBay feedback messages...


              Originally posted by sochin101
              Apparently, in thread 50k, jubei33 will be posting his latest eBay feedback messages...
              We must be in teh r34l thread 50,000 Sochin made a working funny!


                In thread 50,000 we'll see video evidence of Sirc and Cracky having Bum Sex


                  In thread # 50, 000...

                  Sirc and Cracky will have a video of their trolling(aka buttsecks)


                    I believe I just said that :op


                      In thread 50,000,

                      The next season of the Ultimate Fighter features only street-effective combatives systems, not mere sportfighting styles. The finalists are Lieutenant X and Phil Elmore, and they fight in a specially built octagon that is magnetically levitated over a lava field and that randomly pitches, rolls and extrudes blades and broken glass through its surface (think Flash Gordon).

                      Phil wears homemade body armor constructed from old newspapers and paperback novels, and he flies into the octagon using a personal jetpack modelled on the one Boba Fett had in Return of the Jedi. Sadly, Big John McCarthy has to confiscate Phil's jetpack after the FAA threatens a civil aviation lockdown and NORAD scrambles several F-15s to investigate reports of fat, bearded, do-rag-wearing terrorists on flying carpets.

                      Phil seizes the upper hand early, as Lieutenant X's top-secret techniques are frustrated by Phil's mad chun skills and surprisingly effective armor. Ringside observers with keen hearing later claim to have heard Phil muttering "You see, Bullshido, it really DOES work!", but it is not clear to them whether he was talking about the chun or the armor. In any case Phil lets his hands go, and Lt. X finds himself being chain-punched like one of Phil's homeless neighbors.

                      Both men quickly realize, however, that their skills are too deadly for the octagon, even this special octagon, and after consultation with Dana the corners agree that the title should be decided by a bout of competitive copywriting. It's hard fought, but Phil wins through sheer verbal cardio.

                      :phil2: FTW!


                        Originally posted by Mungkorn Dam
                        I believe I just said that :op
                        oh well. lol


                          In post 50,000:

                          Japanese grandmasters will admit that they learned all their sword techniques for ancient Korean warriors of the Silla Dynasty.

                          In the same vein, many of the Korean Grandmasters admit that they learned the majority of their techniques from a guy who learned Daito-ryu.

                          Paul Vunak will keep the same guy as VP of PFS for more than a year.

                          In post 50,000:

                          MMA fighters will no longer fight, opting to compete on Tekken 3.
                          Tito and Jenna get married.

                          JKD Nucleus guys will stop holding pictures of Bruce in one hand and
                          choking the snake with the other long enough to free spar.

                          In post 50,000 Canada will take over the USA. The Canadian Crippler, Chris
                          Benoit will become Prime Minister of Canadamerica.

                          Ashida Kim will get laid in a place OTHER than a morgue.

                          Steven Segall will lose 35 pounds and compete in PRIDE...and kick major ASS!!


                            Originally posted by Jkdbuck76
                            In post 50,000 Canada will take over the USA. The Canadian Crippler, Chris Benoit will become Prime Minister of Canadamerica.
                            Who the hell let you in on Operation Maple Tsunami?


                              In thread 50,000...

                              Sin Kwang The sends a Bullshido verifiable video of him actually doing 900 forms, swimming using only his pecs, and climbing poles without hands or feet by twisting his body like a snake. ShaolinDo then gets its own subforum under training and competition.

                              In Hyuk Suh and Joo Bang Lee merge HRD and KSW, calling it Kuk Hwarang Sool Won Do (National Flowery Martial Art Way) and then issue an NHB challenge to all other Korean MA's. TKD players all lose by submission to standing wrist locks and Kukkiwon bows and is absorbed into the new org. Korean govornment sanctions the new org and declares it the national ma and sport of Korea. TKD players all begin to wear silk KSW style uniforms with sashes instead of belts. The world submits as Korea becomes the most successful martial art franchise in the world. People everywhere learn Korean. Archeologists begin to discover anciant Korean artifacts in the Arizona desert, Siberia, the Amazon, the African Kongo. Finally an artifact is deiscovered in mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates proving that Adam was actually Tan Gun. All nations submit to Korea as the master race and form a unified world government. Everything becomes Korea. Aliens land and we find out that they are Korean, too. The galaxy becomes so You Won Hwa that it implodes into a massive black hole that turns out to be a wormhole to...Korea.

                              Tiger Klay shows up at the Dallas TD and turns out to be the real deal.

                              MAP buys BS and begins the binning/banning process to cleanse the board and restore the flow if Chi

                              Joe Rogan is a good interviewer/announcer.

                              Eddie Bravo changes his stance on gi training and then goes to the Mundials in a gi. And wins.

                              Due to Eddie Bravo's book pot smoking becomes the "way to enlightenment" in the martial arts. MAP is vindicated.

                              gringokahn doesn't play with trolls
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                                Youtube will have all its bandwidth used up due to a crapload of aikdio sparring vids being uploaded.



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